UK Box Office December 4-6: A Weekend of Disappointments - COOPERS Have Best Debut, FRANKENSTEIN, KRAMPUS & THE NIGHT BEFORE All Flop

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 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 continued to reign this weeks box office, despite another steep drop. The only film to crack the top 5 was Christmas with the Coopers which took in $1.02 million - the film was released on the Monday so this is a Monday-Sunday number.

Debuting within the top 10 with the second highest debut was Victor Frankenstein with a mere $645,000 at number 8. Krampus took 9th with just under $620,000 and The Night Before is no where to be seen which is very surprising.

Here are the top 10 films this week:

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 - $3.36 million - Week 3- Down 51% - Total: $34.96 million
2. The Good Dinosaur - $2.55 million - Week 2 - Down 42% - Total: $7.68 million
3. Spectre - $1.86 million - Week 6 - Down 43% - Total: $135.89 million
4. Bridge of Spies - $1.62 million - Week 2 - Down 36% - Total: $5.83 million
5. Christmas With The Coopers - $1.02 million - Week 1 - NEW- Total: $1.02 million
6. Black Mass - $712,632 - Week 2 - Down 63% - Total: $3.57 million
7. The Lady in the Van - $705,846 - Week 4 - Down 51% - Total: $15.67 million
8. Victor Frankenstein - $646,356 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $646,356
9. Krampus - $618,663 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $618,663
10. Carol - $518,659 - Week 2 - Down 36% - Total: $1.89 million

The top 10 made approximately $13.62 million million this weekend which is down 38.7% on last weekend but is also down 23.9% on the same time frame last year.

Holding on to first place for a third week in a row was The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 - the film dropped an average 51% in its 3rd weekend which is a much better hold than last week. The film took in $3.36 million and has now made $34.96 million in the UK. The film has no competition next weekend for first place so if it holds well, it could make 4 weeks at the top. However, the film will likely drop off faster from then as Star Wars hits cinemas. Mockingjay should definitely surpass $40 million in the UK - if it has solid holds over Christmas, it could reach $45-50 million.

Sitting at second place for its second weekend is The Good Dinosaur - the Pixar flick took in $1.86 million which is down just 42% on last weekend - that is quite a strong hold! The film has no competition at the moment. However, Peanuts is previewing on the weekends up until its release so it does have competition but not in the current placings. The Good Dinosaur has so far made $7.68 million in the UK and is on track to close with $12-20 million depending on how it fairs over Christmas.

Also remaining in 3rd this weekend is Spectre. The hugely successful film took in $1.86 million - dropping 43% in its 6th weekend - this is really good for the film. However, like Mockingjay, it will probably disappear fast once Star Wars hits. The film has currently made $135.89 million in the UK and is on track to close with north of $140 million.

Also not moving a spot is Bridge of Spies which sits at 4th place this weekend. The Tom Hanks flick took in $1.62 million which is down just 36% - this strong hold isn't that surprising when you consider the high praise the film is receiving. Awards buzz is also surrounding the film which suggests that audiences will be more interested. The film has currently made $5.83 million in the UK and could hit $10 million if it performs well over Christmas.

Finally we have a debut! Taking 5th place is Christmas with the Coopers. Last week, I was predicting a real shake up in the box office due to releases from this, Krampus, The Night Before and Victor Frankenstein - I certainly didn't think Coopers would get the best debut! Christmas with the Coopers did smartly open on Monday (December 1st) so this number is Monday-Sunday - the film took in $1.02 million. It would actually be interesting to see if the film would have made the top 10 if it was just released on the Friday like most films. The film has sour reviews and little buzz around it so it will likely have a steep drop next weekend. Expect Coopers to make around $3 million by the end of its UK run.

6. Black Mass - The initial buzz has definitely disappeared as the film sees the steepest drop in the chart. Prediction: $5-7 million.

7. The Lady in the Van - After weeks of performing strongly, the film finally sees a more than light drop. Prediction: $17-20 million.

8. Victor Frankenstein - The not-so great film had a more than not-so-great debut. Prediction: $1.3-1.9 million.

9. Krampus - The surprisingly low debut for the horror which received positive reviews and had a solid US opening. Prediction: $1.5-2 million.

10. Carol - A strong hold for one of this years biggest awards contenders. Prediction: $2.5-4 million

----The Night Before---- The Seth Rogen comedy is no where to be seen - it either had a limited release, wasn't marketed very well or audiences are fed up with Rogen? The film does have pretty solid reviews so this poor performance is just a little surprising.

Source: Rentrak

Look out for BY THE SEA next weekend! (even though it probably won't be huge and may not appear in the top 10)

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