London Has Fallen (2016)

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Prepare for Bloody Hell.
London Has Fallen is directed by Babak Najafi (Easy Money 2, Sebbe) and stars Gerard Butler (300, RocknRolla), Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight, Battle Los Angeles) and Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption, Se7en). "In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders". London Has Fallen is one of the most obvious sequels that has only been made for the money in recent times, was it unnecessary or are there actually things to like here?

This film is as bad as you think it is going to be. London Has Fallen is awful on so many levels - whether that be the visual effects, acting, predictable plot or in the taste it has been made. I thought I was going to see a disaster movie and I was right - it was a disaster. London Has Fallen isn't worth your time or money and I regret going to see it. 

Where do I start? The visual effects were so poor in this film - you can tell that only $60 million was spent on it. Films with great visuals generally have over $100 million budgets but London Has Fallen would be too risky financially for a budget that high so I suppose they did the best they could? I do not take this for an excuse. The explosions all looked incredibly fake and I think a film like this should always be able to fall back on good visuals but unfortunately, London Has Fallen has nothing to fall back on. 

The performances in this film were surprisingly weak. I remembered Olympus Has Fallen having quite strong performances - the acting and the tension were probably the best parts about it. I thought Gerard Butler was very weak in this film - he pouted so many times and I just think he has fell into the one trick pony category - I haven't seen him be very impressive in recent films. Morgan Freeman is just in every film these days and never changes the way he acts and Aaron Eckhart definitely wasn't memorable. I wouldn't even say the leads in this film are incredibly likeable - Vin Diesel may not be the best of actors but he is very likeable which wins you over, Gerard Butler didn't really put much effort into making his character likeable.

The story for this film was in extremely poor taste - in fact, a lot of this film is in poor taste. I really don't know why Lionsgate went ahead with this after all of the recent terrible events that have occurred. In some ways, London Has Fallen mimics what has actually happened to real people and just puts it into a Hollywood film for entertainment - I think that is disgusting. The story is predictable as it is but to be in such poor taste, that lowers it to a different level. The only good thing going for London Has Fallen is that towards the end of the film, it does lighten up a little with some effective comedic moments. However, these do feel a little out of place in a film that should be handling such a topical and delicate subject matter respectfully.

Like I previously mentioned, one of the better qualities with Olympus Has Fallen was that it had some really tense moments. I think London Has Fallen tried to have those moments but the action and pretty much everything felt rushed - there was no tension or fear. I was with friends who did find the film quite tense but I think I was too annoyed about the handling of the subject matter to care. London Has Fallen really doesn't have a patch on the first film which was only just an ok film itself.

London Has Fallen isn't a terrible movie but it just has too many bad qualities. The film takes advantage of the horrific events that occur in todays world so disgracefully and disrespectfully by mimicking some things that have actually happened in recent years. The acting is very weak and the visual effects are abysmal. I have no idea why Lionsgate green lighted this film, lets just hope this franchise has well and truly fallen.


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