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 Storks is co-directed by Nicholas Stoller (Bad Neighbours, Get Him to the Greek) and Doug Sweatland (directorial debut). The film features the voices of Andy Samberg (Hotel Transylvania, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer (Toy Story 2, Cheers), Jennifer Aniston (Friends, We're the Millers) and Ty Burrell (Modern Family, The Incredible Hulk). "Storks have moved on from delivering babies to packages. But when an order for a baby appears, the best delivery stork must scramble to fix the error by delivering the baby". Warner Bros animation had a hit on their hands with The Lego Movie, can Storks score them another win?

Another 2016 release and another average film that could have been so much better. Yep, I'm afraid to admit that Storks is another disappointment. Even though the film is definitely not bad, the concept could have been executed much better with a less generic plot and a more exciting film in general. It is only 80 minutes long but it actually felt pretty slow and went on quite a bit - the film creates more problems for itself in the final act, it is so close to finishing and tying the bow but then it adds another unneeded element that makes the film go on and on - to make it worse, the elements it adds do not even fit in well with the story that came beforehand. 

The story was fine - it wasn't too complex which is perfect for an animated film but it definitely was a little too predictable and generic -you know the ending of this film before it starts. Storks really isn't anything special and is just a really average film. What I did like about the story is that it kept cutting back to the secondary character who set the whole plot up - sometimes films abandon those secondary characters but Storks did a good job at developing Nate and making the audience empathise with him - he needed a younger sibling. I also thought that Storks was missing any form of message that young viewers can take away from it - some may say it's nice to see a film without a message but family films really do need one as that's what makes them so special and relatable, Storks does not have one. There isn't anything majorly wrong with the plot but I just thought it was just too generic and cliche - another example of a film in 2016 having a great concept but not executing that concept as well as it could have. 

Storks does have one thing going for it and that is humour. There are quite a few funny moments throughout the film that are likely to make you laugh out loud. However, most of the jokes are aimed at younger audiences - this isn't one of those flicks that adults can get a lot out of. My favourite comedic moments included the wolfpack where they would transform themselves into different things - the scenes were ridiculous but hilarious. I also loved the scene near the end with the penguins - the scene definitely was memorable and if Storks had been full of more clever jokes like this, it might have had something special about it. This quiet fight scene was genius and very very funny. Even though this next one wasn't a big laugh, it is a moment I remember and found funny - when Nate's mother is on the phone to a client and the client requests a panic room for the house they want to move into - I just thought this was funny and one of the rare jokes adult audiences could appreciate over younger audiences. 

The voice cast were all fine but they really weren't memorable or too impressive - I didn't come out of the film going 'I need to know who voiced that character because they were so good'. I don't know if this was down to the actors or the material they were given but compared to films such as Zootopia and Trolls where the voice cast have really stood out, Storks is lacking in comparison. 

The quality of the animation also wasn't very impressive - maybe this explains why Warner Bros animation's first venture was The LEGO movie which was animated in a stop motion style but was still CGI  - maybe they haven't perfected the smoothness of normal CG animation? I just thought it was very B movie standard - other than the babies, none of the characters were cute or aesthetically pleasing - I can't see a lot of Storks merchandise selling after this. To put it into perspective, in terms of quality of animation - with Disney/Pixar flicks like Finding Dory being right at the top at trash like Norm of the North being right at the bottom, Storks probably fits into the lower half of the spectrum. It really could have been a TV movie. 

Storks is a simply average animated flick that will please younger audiences much more than it does older audiences. The voice cast don't really do anything that impressive but that could easily be down to the writing not being that clever or great. The plot is pretty generic and nothing special and the film is lacking a bold and positive message. The animation is average but there are some seriously funny comedic moments. See Trolls instead if you're looking for a fun animated film that is perfect for all of the family because this one simply belongs on TV and is just average. 


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