Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

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Mad Max: Fury Road is the 4th instalment in the franchise but don't fret - the last one came out in 1985 and take it from someone who hadn't seen the other 3, you will be able to watch this one without seeing the rest of the series. The film is directed by George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet) and stars Tom Hardy (Child 44, The Dark Knight Rises), Charlize Theron (Snow White & The Huntsman, Monster), Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Warm Bodies), Zoe Kravitz (Divergent, X:Men - First Class), Abbey Lee (Model), Rosie Huntington -Whitely (Model, Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and Riley Keough (The Runaways, Magic Mike) - can Mad Max: Fury Road re-energize the franchise? 
Yes it can! Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best films of all time! Now this is really weird to say but even though its one of the best films of all time, it isn't my favourite film of the yea so far. You may be thinking - 'what, that doesn't make sense' but this is because the film is beautiful to look at and has a lot of dept but it is just very heavy to watch over and over  unlike Maleficent (my favourite film of last year) which is no-where near one of the best films in terns of quality but is still extremely enjoyable watch after watch. So Fury Road is undoubtedly a masterpiece but I can't see it having the re-watchability factor.

The re-watchability factor is the only thing I didn't like about the film. Other than that, it is a masterpiece. There isn't a time throughout the film where it looks ugly - it is beautiful. The special effects are seamless - they are to the standard of Gravity but in the form of a desert. All of the action sequences were pleasing to the eye (minus the gore) and even the casting choices were clearly made to be eye-pleasing - a few models with little acting experience star. Fury Road is a scenic journey.

The soundtrack is also very impressive. The music was perfectly parallel to the action sequences - however, I'm pretty sure the soundtrack isn't original as I recognised some of the sounds but that doesn't take anything away from it. Fury Road is a journey where the radio station is playing all of the right songs. 

The acting in the film is extremely impressive. Tom Hardy is brilliant and has definitely saved himself from his poor run of films recently. However, the star of the show is Charlize Theron - she is basically the main character and holds the film well. She is also very impressive and really gets into her role. The models aren't only just there for the eye-candy - they can act too! For her time in the film, Rosie Huntington -Whitely is brilliant - she is really likeable and is actually very good for such an inexperienced actress. Fury Road is a journey with all the right passengers. 

The action sequences are epic during the film. They are extremely original - it is like Furious 7 in the desert. The film doesn't go 10-15 minutes without an action sequence - this makes the film fast-paced and you don't realise you have sat through a 2 hour flick at the end. The action sequences are what I will remember from the film - they are iconic. The story was actually very original too and is not forgettable. Fury Road is a thrilling journey. 

All in all, Fury Road takes a feminist approach on the action genre. The film doesn't show its main men in negative lights (except for the villain) but also shows that women aren't just there to make babies as they want to do something with their life - they feel empowered. Charlize Theron's character is brilliant and really kicks butt! Fury Road is a journey to the green land (see the film to understand this).

Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterpiece. The cinematography is excellent and the film is beautiful. However, Miller hasn't just made that cake and sat in it, they go places with it - the action sequences are mesmerising, the acting is superb and the film takes the action genre into a new direction. The soundtrack is also brilliant and goes brilliantly with the film. Mad Max: Fury Road has earnt its place in the movies hall of fame - in terms of quality, it is one of the best films of all time - however, does it lack repeatability? What a Lovely journey. 

4.5 STARS - A-

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