Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

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Get Pitch Slapped - AGAIN!
Are you ready to get Pitch Slapped? Pitch Perfect 2 is the directorial debut from Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) and stars audience favourites Anna Kendrick (Into the Woods), Rebel Wilson (Night at the Museum 3), Ester Dean, Flula Borg, Hailee Steinfeld and many others. 'After a humiliating command performance at Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition that no American group has ever won in order to regain their status and right to perform'. Will this be a typical sequel or will it improve on its predecessor?
Pitch Perfect 2 is one of my favourite movies of the year so far! - I loved the first one and I love this one just as much! It is Aca-Awesome! The story is basically a bigger-budget version of the first but like 22 Jump Street, it works! The film still felt fresh and the story was very fun. I thought that the film balanced music with comedic elements very well and Elizabeth Banks has done an excellent job! Pitch Perfect 3 has already been confirmed so hopefully Banks will stay on board as she knows what works with the franchise! 

The soundtrack is brilliant - there is a variety of old and modern songs. My favourite performances were Timber, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Where them Girls At. I also really liked the 'original' song that has been added - Flashlight is sure to become a big hit! Even if the movie had a poor story and terrible acting, the soundtrack would be able to save it - this wasn't the case - Pitch Perfect 2 is an all-rounder - I loved it!

The comedic elements in the film were hilarious! I didn't go 5 minutes without laughing. I really liked the sequence where the girls go on a 'retreat' and they are doing lots of water activities - it was very funny - some of the camera choices were particularly amusing. However, like we all knew - Rebel Wilson pulls off some of the best one-liners - she is a really good comedian and I think whatever film she is in, she will make you smile - she is my favourite comedic actress out there! - she is a selling factor for any film to me. Wilson wasn't the only one getting laughs out of the audience - Chrissie Fit had some excellent jokes - most revolved around her being Mexican but they were still very funny! Hana Mae Lee and Ester Dean are also fantastic! The new additions also brought some laughs - the german duo were fantastic - especially the female actress. 

I think the entire cast of this movie is likeable. Anna Kendrick has been on a roll recently with Into the Woods and now this - she has become one of my favourite actresses! Like I said before, Rebel Wilson is brilliant and seems very huggable! The film really promotes female empowerment which is nice to see - even if all of the non-white-American characters have something weird about them. Some of the editing choices felt a little TV movie-esque but this was only a minor issue. I also really liked Hailee Steinfield - she was very Gabriella-esque (High School Musical) - but I thought she was really good!

Pitch Perfect 2 is as good as its predecessor - it doesn't bring much new to the table but it strengthens what was already there. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the entire cast are extremely likeable and all have moments in the film that make you laugh. Elizabeth Banks has shown her credibility as a director and will likely stick around. Pitch Perfect 2 is successfully a musical with a fabulous soundtrack but is also a fantastic comedy with some of the best comedic moments in film in recent years. I would really recommend that you go and see this - get Pitch Slapped! - it doesn't hurt, it's actually quite enjoyable. 

4.5 STARS - A

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