Taylor Swift's Bad Blood (Music Video 2015)

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Band-Aids Don't Fix Bullet Holes

Bad Blood is the 4th official single from Swift's multi-platinum release '1989'. Now you may be thinking, this is a movie blog - why are you reviewing a music video? Well I thought it was very interesting to see how a music video is using elements of so many films (including the marketing process) - the divide between music video and film seems to be fading. Bad Blood stars Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Lena Dunham, Hailee Steinfeld, Serayah, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne, Zendaya, Hayley Williams, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss & Jessica Alba - this thing is HUGE! Does Bad Blood Live up to the hype?
Watch the video!:
I actually believe it does and I feel that is is one of the best music videos of the 21st century - it is so creative and actually matches with the songs lyrics which most music videos don't do. Now, some people will complain about some effects not looking realistic - well, this is a music video with a much smaller budget than a Hollywood blockbuster so cut it some slack! I liked the short into which showed Gomez and Swift battling it out as friends and then Gomez betrays Swift which leads to the song beginning - brilliant set up!

From then on, the music video uses features of 'The Fifth Element', 'Divergent', 'The Hunger Games' and pretty much any futuristic or dystopian film that you can think of - it is fantastic! I really like how Swift is walking through the training grounds and seeing all of these strong women - female empowerment at its best! Some of my favourites are Ellie Goulding who looks like she's having a great time playing around with the giant weapon and Cara Delevingne who looks like she means business! 

This could really be classed as a short film - it has a story line and if it was expanded a little more at the end, it would be complete. A lot of thought has clearly gone into producing the video which is nice to see. 

Lets talk about Selena! I was even more excited for this video when I saw that Selena was announced on Saturday! I didn't know she was going to be the antagonist but she kicks-butt! I really liked how all the other famous girls were taking on Gomez and her army - I would have liked to see some famous faces on Gomez's army too to balance things out but never mind. I also was actually satisfied with the ending - we all know that this song is about Katy Perry so Swift would have had to have been very careful in the ways she defeated Gomez who was a metaphor in a way for Perry - for example, you couldn't kill her off as that would seem like a threat. The music video ends with a cat fight kind of thing which is quite ironic because both Perry and Swift are both known for liking cats! 

The marketing for the video has been very heavy for a music video - individual cast posters for the film have been released everyday for about 2-3 weeks. At first it was exciting, then it turned into a joke and then it became exciting again! Yes, the video is more overcrowded than an Avengers film but it just shows how much power Swift has to get all of these stars in her video. Examples of some posters:
Bad Blood is Swift's best video to date and is one of the best videos of the century. The song matches what is happening on-screen and Swift & Gomez are great leading ladies. Bad Blood blends the music industry with the film industry and I love it!


Below are a selection of my favourite stills from the epic video:

What do you think of the BAD BLOOD music video? Do you think it is overcrowded? How does Katy Perry feel? - COMMENT BELOW

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  1. I loved this video!

    Bloggerella xxx

  2. İs this a real movie or just song clip

    1. it's just a music video but it is so good that I had to write a post about it!