Spooks: The Greater Good (2015)

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Spooks: The Greater Good is directed by Bharat Nalluri (Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day) and stars Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones, Pompeii), Peter Firth (The Hunt For Red October), Tuppence Middleton (The Imitation Game, Jupiter Ascending), Jennifer Ehle (Fifty Shades of Grey, Zero Dark Thirty) and Eleanor Matsuura (Residue, Breaking and Entering).  Is this a necessary silver screen adaption of a beloved TV show?
I'm not that familiar with the original series for this - I've seen a few episodes but I've never been 'hooked'. However, this film has really done a lot of good for the TV show - I think it has lots of potential to attract new audiences (like me). Spooks: The Greater Good is exciting throughout and is basically a low budget James Bond - it works though. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this film.

Now, there were hints of terrible acting throughout the film as well as sloppy editing. Jennifer Ehle was terrible at the start but improved as the movie went on - I especially liked her final scene in the film - even though it was cruel and dark, she performed well in it. The editing was much like you would expect from a TV series which questions why this was made into a film. A lot of moods and atmospheres weren't developed and an explosion would occur - even though this made audience members jump, it also me feel like it was a little random.

I thought the story was quite complex but a little unoriginal - it was like James Bond meets Mission: Impossible - the combination is pulled off successfully but I would have liked to be introduced to something new which would justify the silver screen adaption. The effects were good and the story was quite realistic (even if they seem to be the dumbest secret agents of all time at points) - it was a fun and enjoyable movie.

The acting was generally good - old favourites from the TV show returned e.g. Peter Firth and some new cast members joined too. Kit Harington was very likeable and good in the movie - I believe he has saved himself from the 'what I heard was terrible' Pompeii last year. Harington is an audience favourite in Game of Thrones - he is excellent here. I also really liked Eleanor Matsuura in the film - she hasn't really had her big break as an actress but I believe she was really good in this film. I also liked Tuppence Middleton - she was ok in Jupiter Ascending (a lot better than Eddie Redmayne) and good in The Imitation Game but I thought she was good here too!

Spooks: The Greater Good is a nice entry into the action-spy genre this year - it is no where near as good as Kingsman: The Secret Service but it is definitely not terrible either. Harington is brilliant and is supported well by Matsuura, Middleton and Firth. Tense atmospheres are sometimes failed to be created due to sloppy editing but the film is generally good. Spooks: The Greater Good is a pointless adaption to the big screen but why are we complaining? It's a fun, thrilling and exciting watch.


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