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Selena Gomez is a 22 year old actress and singer. She has to be one of my favourite actresses and singers out there! I think she has a really likeable personality and truly cares about her fans. This blog post is a pilot and this kind of thing could become a segment on the blog. I will be ranking all of Gomez's feature films in order of worst to best - I will give a little reason for why it is in the position it is. The only Gomez films I've been able to review on here are Spring Breakers and Rudderless so you will get a view on what I think of all of her movies so far! Let's Go!

10. Behaving Badly - this film feels like a TV movie. In the UK, it was a straight-to-DVD release but in the US, it had a limited release and hardly anyone went! The film has a $5.5 million budget which was probably spent on the cast which is quite impressive as the rest of the film has such a small production value - it feels cheap and tacky. I also really dislike the main character in this film who is played by Natt Wolf - I don't like how he randomly turns and speaks directly to the camera - it was weird. The film does have its funny moments and I would recommend you watch it (if its going for a very low price).

9. Getaway - this film is probably the most critically panned on the list. This film also has an impressive cast but it was also a box office bomb of 2013. The story is good but is literally just a copy of Taken. I also don't enjoy how the whole film is literally just one big car chase - I know we like fast paced films, but this doesn't stop for a breather - EVER! Ethan Hawke and Gomez are a strange pairing and character development is quite weak. The film has such poor direction that is just isn't one of Gomez's best.

8. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie - this is where the list starts to get interesting as I actually really like every movie from this point onwards. I preferred the TV show to the actual movie but it was a TV film so you can't really expect too much. The one thing I really disliked about this film is the villain - he is really annoying and is one of them actors that just can't act. However, the humour from the original series is still there and I think Gomez should be proud of this one.

7. Rudderless - it is probably debatable about whether this movie should be on this list as Selena is in less scenes than one hand could count. However, I did enjoy the film and thought the acting from all the cast was impressive. I also liked the songs. You can read my full review here.

6. Monte Carlo - this was Selena's first 'big screen' release and it was a really fun film. It ticked all the boxes for a successful rom-com and was so cheesy and sweet that it became slightly unbearable at times. However, I really enjoyed the performances from all 3 leading ladies and thought the story was good. The cast is also very impressive for this film - Gomez manages to attract some major talent! I also liked the soundtrack for the film.

5. Ramona and Beezus - this was a really heart-warming film. I really liked the sister bond that the two leading characters have - I also think this is the perfect casting for a Disney channel star. Even though Ramona and Beezus is overlong, it is still a very charming and enjoyable film - I really recommend it!

4. Hotel Transylvania - to be honest, when I first saw this at the cinema, I wasn't that impressed due to the animation skills not being too great. However, this has got to be the most rewatchable film on this list so far - when I got it on DVD, I watched it two nights consecutively. The story is very sweet and I think this is one of the better Adam Sandler flicks of recent years. I'm really looking forward to Hotel Transylvania 2, I just hope Gomez still has a major role!

3. Princess Protection Programme - what worked best about this film is the fact that at the time, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were real life best friends so the chemistry was already there - no extra acting in that area was needed. I also think the story is really good and is one of the better Disney channel original movies. PPP is also very rewatchable.

2. Another Cinderella Story - this may be one of Selena's oldest flicks but it is certainly one of the BEST! This film is actually the most rewatchable out of any film on this list (including number 1). Another Cinderella Story is so likeable and enjoyable. The music is great and the cast is good too! This film was Gomez's first as a leading lady and didn't she do well!

1. Spring Breakers - Even though it doesn't have as big of a rewatchability factor as some of the other films on this list, Spring Breakers is of an extremely high quality! I really love how controversial and unique it is - Harmony Korine leaped towards mainstream audiences with this flick and his artistic editing was noticed by many. I really like the hidden symbols in this film and the use of music - it is just an extremely good film. The performances are all spot on - even though Gomez leaves the film half way through, the film is still watchable without her! Spring Breakers is one of my favourite films of all time. Read my full review of the film here.

So that's it! - 10 of Gomez's major movies ranked! Which one of these is your favourite? What actor or actress would you like to see ranked next? - COMMENT BELOW


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