The Monthly Rewind: May 2015

7:14 AM

My 3 Favourite Films of the Month
These are films I watched in May, they may not be May releases

Pitch Perfect 2 - 'Pitch Perfect 2 is as good as its predecessor - it doesn't bring much new to the table but it strengthens what was already there. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the entire cast are extremely likeable and all have moments in the film that make you laugh. Elizabeth Banks has shown her credibility as a director and will likely stick around. Pitch Perfect 2 is successfully a musical with a fabulous soundtrack but is also a fantastic comedy with some of the best comedic moments in film in recent years. I would really recommend that you go and see this - get Pitch Slapped! - it doesn't hurt, it's actually quite enjoyable!'
Mad Max: Fury Road - 'Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterpiece. The cinematography is excellent and the film is beautiful. However, Miller hasn't just made that cake and sat in it, they go places with it - the action sequences are mesmerising, the acting is superb and the film takes the action genre into a new direction. The soundtrack is also brilliant and goes brilliantly with the film. Mad Max: Fury Road has earnt its place in the movies hall of fame - in terms of quality, it is one of the best films of all time - however, does it lack repeatability? What a Lovely journey. '
Spooks: The Greater Good - 'Spooks: The Greater Good is a nice entry into the action-spy genre this year - it is no where near as good as Kingsman: The Secret Service but it is definitely not terrible either. Harington is brilliant and is supported well by Matsuura, Middleton and Firth. Tense atmospheres are sometimes failed to be created due to sloppy editing but the film is generally good. Spooks: The Greater Good is a pointless adaption to the big screen but why are we complaining? It's a fun, thrilling and exciting watch.
Honourable Mention: Poltergeist (2015) - it was a lot better than I thought it would be!
Other Favourites:
The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - 'This was actually quite difficult to choose as I wasn't blown away by any trailers this month. The Scorch Trials is by far the best Maze Runner book so it should be a better movie! Lets hope its not like the Divergent series which took a major step back with its second instalment. The trailer does look very good though'
Honourable Mention: The Intern, The Visit, The Gallows
Podcast: - Had to put this here too! - Happy listening!
Biggest Disappointment of the Month
Tomorrowland  - ' Tomorrowland is not what I was hoping for - it is a little disappointing! The magic is present at the beginning but is lost as time goes on. Clooney and Robertson do fantastic jobs but I just wish Cassidy's character was erased from the whole plot. The film certainly isn't boring and is extremely fun and actually has the rewatchability factor. Tomorrowland is nice to look at but the plot is hard to follow. Brad Bird had a dream with this film - surprisingly, I don't feel that dream. Spy-Kids for a new generation.' 
Dishonourable Mentions: Unfriended, The Age of Adaline 
So they are the highlights on this blog from May. 
Thanks again for tuning into this blog this month! I am still really enjoying doing it so I hope to carry this on for a very long time! June is going to be an exciting month with the releases of JURASSIC WORLD, SPY and MINIONS!
                                                                       See You Soon!

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