Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?! (2014)

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It's Nearly Christmas!
 Nativity 3 is directed by Debbie Isitt (Confetti, Nativity 1-2) and stars Martin Clunes (Doc Martin, Shakespeare in Love), Marc Wootton (Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, Arthur Christmas), Celia Imrie (Bridget Jone's Diary, Star Wars - Episode 1) and Catherine Tate (Monte Carlo, Doctor Who). "The pupils of St Bernadette's and the madcap Mr Poppy (MARC WOOTTON) are back! When their new teacher Mr Shepherd (MARTIN CLUNES) loses his memory as well as Archie the Donkey, it's up to them to save the day and reunite him with his fiancée Sophie (CATHERINE TATE) in New York. Prepare for a race against time, fantastic flashmobs and plenty of Christmas fun on their greatest adventure yet". With Nativity 2 being a big disappointment, can the third film point the series back in the right direction?

So Nativity 2 was a huge disappointment for me back in 2012 after thoroughly enjoying the first instalment which was a real treat and has become one of my favourite Christmas movies since. To be honest, Nativity 3 is another one of those 'dumb but fun' movies - there was so many plot holes and questionable actions by the characters but the film was still enjoyable and actually likeable unlike number 2. However, you may now be expecting a positive review from me but I have to say, this film is not a good film and I wouldn't recommend it unless you are a big fan of the other films as it definitely won't be converting anyone to the series. 

The biggest issue with Nativity 3 is the lazy script which let to so many plot holes. One of the biggest holes in the plot was Mr. Shepherd's memory loss - some things he would recognise and others he would have no idea. Another plot hole was how the school kids managed to get to New York with the wrong passports and without getting any permission from the school (this was actually an issue that was directly addressed in the first film but the writers seem to have memory loss to the actual series). Nativity 3 patronises its audience which is mainly why it appeals to children as they are less likely to question the plot holes compared to older viewers. If Nativity 3 was a bit realistic, the plot would be completely different. This is an unforgivable flaw. 

However, what Nativity 2 didn't do and this film does is capture the magic of Christmas - I did actually feel quite festive whilst watching this film - I liked how we got to see the Christmas lights in different cities and the whole plot was trying to make Mr Shepherd remember Christmas so to do so, we had to embark on a very Christmassy journey. 

The acting in the film isn't too great. However, most of these are child actors who I believe are given quite a loose script. However, I much prefer the original cast of children. Martin Clumes was definitely no Martin Freeman - I would only agree with a 4th film if Freeman was to return. Marc Wootton is as annoying as ever - this is one of the only pieces of work he gets in the industry and I suppose he does an alright job. Catherine Tate was a nice welcome but she was definitely underused - her comedic ability could have be used a lot more. I actually prefer Celia Imrie as a head teacher but as a package, the original teachers and the original children are what made the first film so magical. The singing is also not too great and the songs are never that catchy - it has got to a point where these films are being made for the money rather than for the passion/great idea. 

Nativity 3 is better than Nativity 2 but that is not saying that much. The acting is average to below average and is full of annoying children who don't have a patch on the original cast. Nativity 3 does manage to capture the magic of Christmas and will appeal well to the younger audience - however, any older audiences will spot the endless plot holes and realise the whole film just doesn't make sense. Nativity 3 is messy, festive and immature. 


What did you think of NATIVITY 3? Should the series continue? Who should be the next teacher? - COMMENT BELOW

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  1. Yes yes yes! Don't agree at all with your review. Great film, great cast. Hilarious and songs ARE catchy. Ask my 3 children! MR POPPY you are great fun...