UK Box Office October 30-November 1: SPECTRE Breaks UK Record, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2, PAN & INSIDE OUT Benefit from Half Term

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 Spectre broke UK Box Office records this weekend with a huge opening week. The latest Bond movie took in a huge $63.56 million in its first 7 days of release.

Another Met Opera debuted in the top 10 of the box office at number 8 with $250,800. Inside Out also re-entered the top 10 at number 9 with $240,900.

Here is the top 10:

1. Spectre - $63.56 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $63.56 million
2. Hotel Transylvania 2 - $3.72 million - Week 3 - Up 7% - Total: $24.68 million
3. Pan - $1.22 million - Week 3 - Down 35% - Total: $11.03 million
4. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - $1.08 million - Week 2 - Down 52% - Total: $4.55 million
5. Suffragette - $915,541 - Week 3 - Down 56% - Total: $11.46 million
6. The Martian - $909,097 - Week 5 - Down 66% - Total: $33.56 million
7. The Last Witch Hunter - $598,124 - Week 2 - Down 69% - Total: $3.35 million
8. Met Opera 2015 - $250,821 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $0.25 million
9. Inside Out - $240,934 - Week 15 - RE-ENTRY - Total: $59.92 million
10. Crimson Peak - $236,093 - Week 3 - Down 69% - Total: $3.60 million

The top 10 made approximately $72.73 million million this weekend (87% being Spectre) which is up a huge 336.37% on last weekend and is also up 367.71% on the same time frame last year.

Having the biggest debut of the year and the biggest 7-day opening in UK history was Spectre. The film took in a huge $63.56 million. On the Tuesday of its release, Spectre claimed the title for the highest Tuesday in UK Box Office history. Spectre beat the previous record holder which was a Harry Potter film. Spectre should have strong holds from now until Mockingjay is released in the middle of November. However, what may not be on Spectre's side are the critics - since the films release, the approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes has been steadily dropping - the film is currently at 65% on Rotten Tomatoes - the question is, will it go rotten? Spectre is already close to becoming the highest grossing film of 2015 in the UK. If Spectre was to have steady drops each week, it could gross as much as $190 million in the UK - however, the film will probably see a steep drop next week so it is likely that Spectre will close somewhere between $115-150 million.

Taking second place this weekend was Hotel Transylvania 2 - the animation managed to increase by 7% this weekend despite taking a nasty second week drop. The film took in $3.72 million and has so far made $24.68 million in the UK which is over double what the first film made. Hotel Transylvania 2 has also passed the first films worldwide total which makes this a big success for Sony. Hotel Transylvania 2 saw such an excellent hold this weekend due to two factors - it was Halloween and it was half term. It will be interesting to see how the film performs now that it is 'out of season' - there are still a few weeks until The Good Dinosaur hits cinemas so Hotel Transylvania 2 has a good shot at hitting $30 million.

Climbing up to third place this weekend was Pan. Even though the live action fairytale saw a 35% dip to $1.22 million, it still managed to climb back into the top 3. Like Hotel Transylvania 2, this was probably due to it being half term. Pan has so far made $11.03 million in the UK - it may have strong holds until The Good Dinosaur also. Pan will probably close with around $15 million.

Taking 4th place this weekend is Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - the film saw a steadyish drop (more on the steep side) - the film fell 52%. This weekend, The Ghost Dimension took in $1.08 million. So far, The Ghost Dimension has made $4.55 million in the UK which is only $300,000 below The Marked Ones - The Ghost dimension may not be the lowest grossing film in the franchise after all. However, The Ghost Dimension probably would have dropped worse if it wasn't Halloween or wasn't Half Term - in a couple of weeks, 'The Hallow' will be released which will probably lead to Paranormal Activity dropping off quite fast. Expect this film to close with $5-6 million.

In 5th place this weekend is Suffragette. The film took in $915,500 this weekend which is down 56% - Suffragette has not been seeing strong holds in the UK which I assumed it would of had. So far, the film has taken in $11.46 million in the UK - Suffragette has solid reviews so will probably close with around $13.5-15 million.

6. The Martian - The stellar run ends now? Prediction: $35-37 million.

7. The Last Witch Hunter - The Halloween release date didn't work. Prediction: $3.9-5 million.

8. Met Opera 2015

9. Inside Out - 15 weeks of being released and back in the top 10. Prediction: $60 million.

10. Crimson Peak - A huge almost-70% drop in its third weekend. Prediction: $3.9-4.2 million.

Source: Rentrak


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