Warcraft: The Beginning (2016) - Trailer #1 Review

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So the trailer for the upcoming Warcraft movie has just dropped and I haven't actually watched it so the comments made in this trailer review will be my initial reactions. I also haven't ever played the game so it will be interesting for those of you who have to see an outsiders perspective. To get this review out as soon as possible, the opening paragraph with background details will be added at a later date. Here is the review...

0:07 - I think this shot looks very nice and well done - praise goes to the cinematographers. This is such good quality, it could have been taken directly out of Everest which was very pleasing to the eye. 
0:09 - And now a complete contrast, we go from quite a realistic shot to a very fantasy shot - this actually reminds me of The Hobbit movies - now them movies are over will Warcraft take their place?
0:12 - Another similarity to The Hobbit - Eagles that humans can fly on!
0:25 - the whole sequence before this reminds me of Wrath of the Titans which wasn't a very good movie - I don't know if I like the visual effects of these creatures
0:33 - the creatures do look a lot like the ones in Wrath of the Titans meets The Hobbit meets Avatar - I'm unsure what I think, I'm not too keen. 
0:39 - this film is definitely very fantasy heavy and to be honest, there isn't really anything like this right now since The Titans and The Hobbit movies have finished. 
0:42 - that is quite cute - a mini Hulk ;) 
0:56 - I just don't think this works - half a cast of humans and half a cast of characters created in CGI - it is literally half live action/half video game. I suppose it is inspired by a video game but I don't know if this works for a movie - it is like the two different types of characters are in different landscapes too - the humans seem to be in the realistic areas and the creatures are in the fantasy areas - they just don't glue together very well
1:33 - Here we see the cute little mini Hulk being rushed away and put into a basket in the river - he must be important in this story 
1:36 - this is probably the only shot of the creatures that I like and think works well 
1:47 - The Hobbit eagles are back!
1:57 - Warcraft: The Beginning kind of suggests they are planning to make a whole series of these movies which I have mixed feelings about

This doesn't look like a very good movie - there seems to be a big problem with merging the human/live action characters with the creatures. I don't really know what the story is going to be about either. I think (being optimistic) that this film has around 7 months till its release so the studio have enough time to render and improve the visuals which could make the film a lot more enjoyable than this trailer. The film does look very similar to The Hobbit movies - I don't know if that it has the same fantasy/medieval vibes to it or whether this one is a complete rip off of The Hobbit? However, I hate to say it but I think this film will end up being received by the industry like the Transformers series. I do hope to be proven wrong though.

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