Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Final Trailer Review

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This is not a drill. We have our hands on the final - yes, the last look we're going to get of this film - Beauty and the Beast trailer. This is by far the film I am most excited for this year, I really really hope it is good. I think the whole world is excited for this. The film is directed by Bill Condon (Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Dreamgirls) and stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson and many others - this is a great cast. I've explained more why I'm excited for Beauty and the Beast in my post on my most anticipated films of the year. Now, I have been blown away so far by both previous trailers and this final trailer is just as good.....

Let's get on with the review...

0:01 - the set design looks beautiful.
0:04 - Emma Watson looks really good here. She has been getting some stick for looking like a moody Belle but it's scenes like this that prove she is capable of conveying emotion. I also think her moodiness is a creative choice and she will become happier as the film progresses.
0:06 - Grace Randolph spotted this. 'The Blue Bird that flies over the dark wood' is foreshadowing the story of this film - Belle is the blue bird and she will end up in the dark wood near the Beast's castle. This is great attention to detail!
0:08 - "You are so ahead of your time" - I think that just shows that this Belle is going to be a little more progressive. She has the mindset of modern day rather than when Beauty and the Beast is set. I also think Watson is doing a good job of showing that the character really does enjoy reading.
0:13 - When I first watched this, I did take a step back and wonder why Gaston was complimenting someone other than himself but then it made sense that he was looking at himself in the mirror! It's hilarious!
0:32 - This is probably the darkest trailer out of the three so far as the first half really does feel quite intense. Especially with the music choice. I think this is fitting as to Belle, this would be very scary - her father has gone missing in a mysterious, old castle that has a Beast inside.
0:44 - This is just one character trait that makes Belle so likeable - she puts those around her that she cares most about first.
0:54 - I still don't know if I'm over how creepy Mrs. Potts looks but I am on board with Emma Thompson - I think she is a great choice for the role and I can't wait to hear her rendition of 'Beauty and the Beast'.
0:58 - Even though I don't find this Chip as cute as the animated one, it's nice to see them take cute moments directly from the animated classic.
1:13 - Twilight wolves.
1:23 - "You have to help me". I think this is a great line because Belle and the Beast are working in unity - it's not like it's only her that needs help, they're going to work together to help each other.
1:27 - this is the only scene in the trailer I'm not-so keen on as the Beast suddenly looks much smaller and his expression makes me laugh
1:36 - As Ariana Grande and John Legend's rendition of Beauty and the Beast begins, I think it's a good time to share my thoughts on their version. I think it is brilliant. Both of them sound like they mean the word's they are singing and Grande has such a sweet and soft voice to begin with, it just sounds so magical.
1:42 - The Beast has humour.
1:43 - Another example of happy Belle.
1:47 - The Be Our Guest sequence truly looks like it is going to be something special and magnificent - the colours, the glitter - it looks so fun and spellbinding.
1:52 - This is my favourite moment in the whole trailer. Seeing Gaston and Le Fou dance together is brilliant - the scene looks so high energy and it looks like its taken straight out of a Broadway musical. The sequence is also well edited to fit with the music of the trailer.
1:54 - A glimpse of the scene we're all most looking forward to - I honestly think I'm going to have to hold back the tears during this dance sequence as the animated version is iconic. If they can get even close, it will be terrific.
2:06 - You have to pause at the right time to see this but I think this could be a really funny moment - I am looking forward to the Belle song.
2:23 - Get your tickets NOW!

Wow, what a fantastic trailer. I think this may be one of the most magical films in recent history - every time I see any of the trailers of TV spots, I get this feeling inside that just makes me feel happy. I think Emma Watson is the perfect Belle, the visuals of the Beast are growing on me and I'm more than happy with all of the furniture/servant characters. We are still yet to fully hear any of the songs so that is the last thing that needs ticked off but I really think Beauty and the Beast looks brilliant. From this trailer and what we've seen so far, I'm projecting an 89/100 for this film.

Here are some of my favourite stills from all of the trailers so far, I've been collecting them on my computer and I need to share my favourites...

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