Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: Entertainment Weekly Cover & New Images - Review

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Magazines have really stepped up their game recently! First the magnificent Suicide Squad covers from Empire and now this pleasantly surprising cover from Entertainment Weekly. For those of you who haven't heard of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - it is a Harry Potter spin off and takes place before the Harry Potter films. Before this cover was released, it would say my excitement for the film was at about a 5 or 6 but now it's really near to a 10. Entertainment Weekly released a new cover and 8 (really 7) new photos from the film and I will give my thoughts on all!

                        The Main Event

So, I am extremely impressed with this magazine cover - from looking at Entertainment Weekly's previous covers, they rarely have ones that are designed this well. I think what this image does really well is that my first impression was 'that looks magical' - it kind of re-ignited my love for Harry Potter which has kind of faded away as the films go more into the past. Eddie Redmayne is hoping to appeal to the mainstream audience with this film and I think he will be able to do with - his outfit kind of reminds me of Paddington meets Doctor Who. Paddington is a theme in all of these images. It took me a while at first to notice the wand but as soon as I did - I was so happy - the Harry Potter universe is back! Now, the performance of the film at the box office will be interesting - Entertainment Weekly is calling it 'the most anticipated movie of 2016' - are EW not aware of Batman V Superman, Civil War, Finding Dory or Suicide Squad? What I'm not too keen on is that the headline is 'Harry Potter Prequel' - I think it deserves to have its name displayed front and centre - besides, people will have to get used to the length title as I don't think it's going to change. It will definitely be hard and almost impossible for Redmayne who have the same charm as Radcliffe - he hasn't really successfully pulled off a film that isn't Oscar bait so far but there is no denying he is a great actor (we will just forget Jupiter Ascending). I really like the colours of the cover - the major use of gold is very good. I would just have to give this cover an A+ - even though I think Empire did a better job with their Suicide Squad covers. However, EW made me excited about a film that I wasn't too bothered about with this cover so that is a great achievement.

Now the images...
So this is our first kind of group shot - I quite like it even though it lacks magic and kind of resembles a BBC drama rather than a magical popcorn flick. The image is very British so they got something right but I don't think this is the best - we want to see a fantastic beast! This could easily be the next Doctor Who lineup - nothing special - B-

This is one of my favourites out of all the images. I think this just looks really good - even though magic isn't really present, it kind of brings together The Grand Budapest Hotel and Paddington - it just looks truly British but this time, actually film standard rather than the image above. A

I also really like this image as we get to see magic being used (if the special effects were already present). I think this is a great still as Redmayne is obviously just about to cast a spell which is very exciting. A

This image really reminds me of when Paddington arrives at the train station - Redmayne looks like he's taking everything in and looks amazed by his surroundings. I like this shot a lot and I think this will fall towards the beginning of the movie when Redmayne is making his first visit to a magical and important location. A

This is the final image that I quite liked - the image seems to be near a spell as well so anything mildly magical at this point - I like. B+

The rest of the images don't really capture my attention and I'm not too impressed with them as they are just run-of-the-mill stills:
So that is my coverage on the new look we've had at Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which hits cinemas late 2016. 

All images belong to Entertainment Weekly. 

What do you think of the EW exclusive images? Which one is your favourite? - COMMENT BELOW

See You Soon!

Oh and before I go, let me leave you with a picture of the cover stripped of all the text:

See You Soon!

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  1. even though I think Empire did a better job with their Suicide Squad covers. However, EW made me excited about a film that I wasn't too bothered about with this cover so that is a great achievement. Celebrity Entertainment