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Possibly the best covers for Empire Magazine in a long time were released this month. Not only is the cover film a flick that is probably my most anticipated for next year but the whole layout, colours - everything on each cover just works! The one I purchased was the Harley Quinn cover - partly because she is my favourite character, partly because she is Margot Robbie and partly because I think it has the best design. I had to go to two different petrol stations - the first only had Deadshot and Enchantress so we went to the next nearest petrol station and luckily they had Harley! I have also seen tweets to Empire online asking if they have actually put Harley Quinn out as they can't find her cover anywhere - I think she is going to sell the most!

I'm going to break the review down from this point, a section for each cover:

The Joker

This was actually the first of the four to be revealed - I thought he was going to be the only cover as he is probably the most well known character in the film. I really like this cover as it uses the two main colours of the character throughout - purple and green. I think this is really effective and just makes the whole think very pleasing to the eye. I also like how the Joker looks evil with high electric cables - this shows that he means business and is one to be scared of. Jared Leto is giving the reader a very stern look. I think this cover will be one of the most popular out of the four due to the character but he is also kind of the leader of the 'Suicide Squad'.


The second cover to be released was Cara Delevingne as Enchantress. After seeing this cover, it kind of gave the impression that Enchantress may be the villain as Empire often do a hero copy (use that term very loosely for the Joker) and a villain copy. Enchantress also looks very creepy in this photo and Delevingne is unrecognisable. I think it is a weird choice for Empire to choose this character for a cover - Delevingne isn't really a box office draw which has been proven with Paper Towns and Pan. However, she is British and Empire is a British magazine. Warner Bros may have also asked Empire to spotlight the character as she doesn't get much attention in trailers. As an alternative to Enchantress, they could have used Tom Hardy's character as a cover star as he is British and is just coming off of the UK Box Office hit 'Legend'. I think this will probably be the cover that sells the least copies. Like the cover of The Joker, Delevingne is really staring sternly at the reader.


The third cover to be released to the public was Will Smith as Deadshot. This definitely isn't a surprising choice as Will Smith is a household name so even people who maybe aren't in to film may see Smith on a magazine and pick it up. The choice (like Enchantress) suggests that Deadshot may be quite important in the storyline - lets hope Will Smith doesn't bring too much cheese. This character definitely looks the most normal of the four - he just looks like a cool solider. I heard that Deadshot is supposed to wear a mask but its Will Smith and Will Smith isn't going to let his face be covered in a mask is he? This cover is probably my least favourite out of the four as the character chosen isn't anything out of the ordinary so Empire are limited to what they can do. However, the colours all work really well and it is still a good cover.

Harley Quinn

The cover that was saved till last is definitely the best. I love the pose, outfit, expression etc of Harley Quinn - I think she looks absolutely fantastic. I also like how Empire continue the colour idea - Harley's main colours are pink and blue. I really like how where her blue ponytail is, it is on a pink background and where her pink ponytail is is on a blue background. I think the colours work best on this cover out of all of them - Empire rarely do bright covers so it is refreshing to see one. It is also nice to see (Along with Enchantress) a female on an Empire magazine cover - they are on them sometimes but mostly it is male stars so it is nice to see. 

Overall, I think these covers are brilliant - each one is designed extremely well and credit has to go to Empire magazine for producing such great covers this month. I purchased their magazines monthly for over 3 years and this is the first bunch that I want every single cover. If I was to purchase another copy to go with my Harley Quinn cover, it would probably be The Joker just because they are a good pairing. The only complaint I do have is Mockingjay - Part 2 should have really been given this cover as it was the last opportunity for them to have one- Empire usually does use The Hunger Games as their cover film but I suppose Warner Bros rang them up with this world exclusive they couldn't turn down. These covers make me so excited for when Suicide Squad is released next August and we'll probably get some more covers then so I can't wait! 

All rights and credit for these photos go to Empire Magazine. 

The December 2015 issue of Empire Magazine is out now. The next issue will be themed to Star Wars - The Force Awakens. 

What do you think of these covers? Which ones will you be buying? - COMMENT BELOW

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  1. I used to be a big fan of the comic, so I have high expectation for the Suicide Squad movie. I hope they get it right. By the way, I just read your post about The Martian and it was great, I just wrote about it in my blog (wich I encourage you to visit):

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