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The Forest will be the feature length debut from Jason Zada. The film stars Natalie Dormer (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Game of Thrones) and Taylor Kinney (The Other Woman, Zero Dark Thirty). "An unexplained horror occurs in a Japanese forest". The Forest has had little promotion until now - will it be an outstanding debut from Zada or will it come across as amateur? The Forest hits US Cinemas January 8 2016 and March 25 2016 in the UK. 

Shot by Shot Analysis
0:10 - the first time I watched this year, I thought there was a serious sound mixing issue - however, I then realised that it was both sisters speaking which I thought was quite clever
0:26 - the first scare of the film. This trailer actually didn't start out like most horror trailers-  they usually start happy and tear it down whereas this started as if it was a drama and quite emotional and then tore that down. I thought this scare was a little rubbish - the first and last of the trailer should be the best as they make the best impressions. 
0:34 - Twilight?
0:38 - the trailer reveals the film is a horror about suicide - I think this film could come across as quite tasteless and possibly offensive if it is not careful
0:41 - when I first watched this, I got quite confused about the location - I think a better job could have been made to notify the audience that the character was going to this location
0:55 - scary stuff! Kind of reminds me of the villain in Sinister
1:04 - this shot is very similar to the one in 'The Perfect Guy' which went viral - you can clearly tell though that this is just a human who doesn't actually look like they are out to cause harm 
1:28 - the first point in the trailer where Dormer gets to show her talent - I think this could be a 'House at the End of the Street' kind of situation why you wonder why the talent has gone to a film like this
1:36 - quite creepy - definitely won't be going camping shortly after seeing this movie
1:57 - this shot could have been done a lot more effectively but I suppose for what it is, it is probably what most people will remember about the trailer
2:05 - this scare technique is actually very similar to the one used in 'The Hallow' trailer
2:13 - I'm guessing Dormer may not make it - or this is the end scene and her sister comes and saves her
2:16 - the finale jump scare seems to be a dud - that just looks like a normal human being to me
2:20 - what a terrible name for a horror film
2:23 - And now the reveal - a release date of January - that is not a good sign and almost confirms that this movie is trash

Overall, I'm not too impressed with this trailer. Natalie Dormer seems like she does a good job but it just stops there. The scares never work and the story could end up being tasteless. I also have a feeling the film will be more of a drama and has been mis-marketed - there seems to be no actual scares that involve the creepy figure which probably would have been a lot more effective. I think this trailer was released tactically with the box office opening for Mockingjay - Part 2 as audiences who are interested in Natalie Dormer or the film will likely come across this trailer - it even makes it on to the IMDB front page! Tame or tasteless? - I can't decide. 

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