UK Box Office October 9-11: THE MARTIAN stays on top, SICARIO has solid debut

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The Martian held on to the top spot this weekend. Debuting in second place with a strong debut was Sicario and The Walk took third place.

The only other opener within the top 10 was Regression which took 9th place.

Here is the top 10:

1. The Martian - $5.88 million - Week 2 - Down 41% - Total: $20.14 million
2. Sicario - $2.44 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $2.44 million
3. The Walk - $1.21 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $1.21 million
4. Legend - $1.08 million - Week 5 - Down 32% - Total: $25.53 million
5. The Intern - $772,456 - Week 2 - Down 33% - Total: $2.78 million
6. Everest - $759,398 - Week 4 - Down 41% - Total: $14.89 million
7. Macbeth - $710,229 - Week 2 - Down 37% - Total: $2.80 million
8. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - $489,703 - Week 5 - Down 46% - Total: $12.78 million
9. Regression - $327,336 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $327,336
10. Inside Out - $282,651 - Week 12 - Up 4% - Total: $58.49 million

The top 10 made approximately $13.95 million this weekend which is down 19% on last weekend and is also down 21.6% on the same time frame last year which saw a strong hold from Gone Girl as well as strong $3 million+ debuts from The Maze Runner and Annabelle.

The Martian was able to stay on planet Number 1 at the UK Box Office this weekend. The film dropped just 41% which is a fantastic hold for a film that had such a strong debut. However, even though this hold is strong - both Interstellar and Gravity saw even stronger holds in their second weekend. The Martian has so far made $20.14 million in the UK and definitely has a long run ahead of it. The Martian will probably continue to see strong holds until Spectre hits cinemas at the end of the month. The Martian may lose its top spot and even a place in the top 3 next weekend which sees a very crowded weekend - Hotel Transylvania 2 & Pan finally open wide after weekends of previews, Suffragette opened yesterday (12th) so has a weeks worth of numbers for the box office and Crimson Peak will also be having a shot. The Martian still has a pretty good chance at finishing with around $40 million in the UK.

It is rare that two critically acclaimed films take the top two spots at the box office but this weekend is one of those times - in second place is Sicario. The Emily Blunt thriller took in $2.44 million in the UK which is very strong for a film that had little promotion in the UK and doesn't have an extremely wide appeal. Sicario has fantastic reviews so could close with around $6-10 million. This strong debut may also be down to those fantastic headlines the film had in limited US release! Sicario will also likely see strong holds until Spectre is released.

Another critically acclaimed film takes number 3? Yes it does. The Walk opened with $1.21 million in the UK. This matches its disappointing US performance - the film actually opened in the UK last week in limited release but had little impact. The Walk does have strong reviews but I believe it will have a similar week-on-week performance to Everest which has dropped between 40-60% every week. The Walk should reach $3 million and may have a shot at reaching $5 million.

After 5 weeks in release, Legend is still in the top 5! The double Tom Hardy flick dropped just 32% which is fantastic for a film that is so far into its release period. The film took in $1.08 million and has so far made $25.5 million in the UK - Legend will like the films above be able to perform strongly until the release of Spectre. This means that the film can possibly close with $30-35 million.

Taking 5th place this weekend was The Intern which dropped just 33%. The film took in $772,000. This is a fantastic hold and is typical for a Nancy Meyers film. The Intern actually has no major comedic competition until early December. However, comedy films do come out of nowhere so chances are that there is one that will be successful even though it doesn't really have any traction right now. The Intern has so far made $2.78 million in the UK and has a chance at finishing between $4 and 5 million.

6. Everest  - The film continues its trek back down the mountain - this time the drop is a little more steady. Prediction: $16.5-19 million.

7. Macbeth - The critically acclaimed Shakespearian film has a steady second week drop in the 30% range. Prediction: $3.5-4.5 million.

8. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - a year on from the first films opening, this one has definitely not paced itself as well. Prediction: $13-15 million.

9. Regression - one of the worst debuts of the year. With terrible reviews and minimal marketing, it isn't really a surprise. Prediction: $0.8-1.1 million.

10. Inside Out - a 12th week in the chart and the film sees an increase! Prediction: $59 million.

Source: Rentrak

Look out for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 next weekend!

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