My Funko Pop Collection!

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Funkos are collectible figurines based on popular culture - movies, TV shows etc. There are a variety of Funko ranges such as Disney, Marvel and Vinyl. If there is a big film coming out, it is very likely that Funko will produce a figurine for it! Read more to see my current ever-growing Funko collection!

So back in December 2014, I started my collection of Funko Pops! The first additions to the collection were Elsa and Maleficent - they were Christmas gifts but as soon as I got these two, I immediately went online and wanted my collection to expand. In their films, Elsa and Maleficent are both strong and empowered females so I thought, as a way of handling my collection, why don't I start a theme: Empowered Females

The next addition to the collection was in about March of this year and it was Jupiter Jones -  I was actually one of the few people who thought the film was quite a good time. Some of you may be thinking, Jupiter isn't an empowered female - the way I see her character is that she can kick-ass but she is also content with being in the working class. I think this is the most realistic portrayal of any human being. Also, Jupiter is a queen! I think Jupiter deserves her spot in my collection. 

The next few funkos all came at a similar time - I received Joy from Inside Out as a birthday gift in July - she is the leading lady of the film and is very positive. I then invested in Sadness to join her as together, they make the perfect team! I then visited London for the day and came back with Black Widow - Black Widow is probably the strongest female character in the Avengers series. 

Finally, I purchased these back in the summer but they were on pre-order so only arrived today - Fat Amy and Beca. These two characters are from what is probably the most popular 'girl power' type of film in present day. Fat Amy is hilarious and Beca leads the films - they definitely deserve to be included in the empowered females Funko collection. 

Even though my collection isn't huge, it is growing. I saw that Funkos themed to The Hunger Games have been announced so I definitely want Katniss Everdeen to join the collection as she is the symbol of female empowerment. I would also quite like a Merida funko and a Frozen Fever Elsa funko. 

However, even though I have the theme to try and control my collection. I have been a little too tempted by Baymax and Groot. I love Baymax as a character so he was a necessity and I saw Dancing Groot from a friend and he was immediately put on my list of Funkos that I want to purchase. 

The current collection: 

You can purchase all of the above mentioned Funkos:

Fat Amy [Pitch Perfect] - 
Beca [Pitch Perfect] -
Sadness [Inside Out] -
Joy [Inside Out] -
Elsa [Frozen] -
Jupiter Jones [Jupiter Ascending] -
Baymax [Big Hero 6] -
Maleficent [Maleficent] -
Dancing Groot [Guardians of the Galaxy] -
Black Widow [Avengers: Age of Ultron] -

See You Soon!

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