Disney Store Haul - Beauty and the Beast 2017 Collection!

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Continuing with the aim of 2017 and broadening the content of this blog to more than just film reviews. Here we have a haul and it's one I just couldn't wait to arrive, even though it did cost a fair bit of money. If you have read my post on my most anticipated films of this year, you will know the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast is by far the film I am most looking forward to...and the release date is not too far away! The Disney Store are about to release their new collection for the film but for those who are members of the site, we got access to the products 2 weeks early! They arrived yesterday and I can't wait to share them with you!

Beauty and the Beast Reusable Shopper Bag (£3.00). 

This probably the least exciting thing that I bought but I always seem to purchase the reusable shopper bags from the Disney Store, even though I rarely use them! I just think they're a nice thing to have as you never know when they will come in handy. If you are purchasing from this range for gifts, this bag may be useful as a way of packaging those gifts to the recipient! Also as supermarkets and most other shops now charge 5p per plastic carrier mag, you could pay a small amount here and it will probably last you for life...and it's Disney themed! I really like the art on the bag - there is detailing of Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, etc and the image of Belle in the silhouette of the Beast is beautiful. 

Beauty and the Beast Film Mug (£9.99).
I was actually expecting to send this mug back as I simply bought it in order to get free delivery - it was the only thing I didn't already have in my basket that I sort of liked the look of. However, when it arrived, I think it looks much much better in person. The three different images are beautiful. The hand-drawn image of Belle is lovely but my favourite has to be the silhouette of the Beast on his knee to Belle - this looks so special and very beautiful as well. I know I'm already saying beautiful a lot in this post but everything in this collection truly is. The mug is also of a pretty good size - great for Hot Chocolate!

Beauty and the Beast Journal (£14.99).
What, £15 for a journal? That thought did go through my mind when ordering this product but I thought it looked so beautiful, I had to have it. Like the shopper bag, I rarely actually use the journals or notebooks that I buy - I just love collecting them. I was actually surprised by the size of this journal - it is basically A4 size, I was expecting A5! This was a pleasant surprise. The gold 'engraved' look is pretty on the front and the pages have art of all the servants in their non-human forms. The edges of the page are lined with a shiny gold and the book has two gold locks. There is also a lovely image of Belle and the Beast on the opening and closing spreads. There is also a lovely gold page marker with tassels that makes the book feel even more sophisticated and special. This probably ended up being my favourite purchase!

Belle Doll, Beauty and the Beast Film Collection (£28.99).
This purchase is more of a guilty pleasure as dolls are definitely not aimed at someone of my age. However, I actually intend to keep this one in the box and display it as a collector's item. Some say the doll has the face of Justin Bieber but I actually think it does have similarities to Emma Watson - it's scary how much it looks like a human. It is actually remarkable how dolls have gone from having the standard 'Barbie' face to actually being a more accurate visual representation of the actual character. The dress is also very pretty - even though it's much more minimalistic than the animated version, I'm a fan. I don't typically purchase dolls but I have a feeling I'm really going to like this portrayal of Belle - Emma Watson says she has incorporated some more progressive qualities into the character - I love a strong female character!

Belle Mug, Beauty and the Beast (£10.99).
So everything you have just seen was originally my complete order as when I first went on the website, they were the only things that were available that I wanted. I made the mistake of checking the pre-sale link one last time the next day and this amazing Belle mug was available. The mug is of a similar style to the 'Art of Belle' mug that I also have and love. I love the images of Belle - I really think Emma Watson is perfect for the role.

Overall, I really happy with all of my purchases - I don't think my bank account is as happy though - I  will likely use most of them just for display and not for their intended purpose. I have really got into collecting film memorabilia in recent years. I also have the complete Beauty and the Beast Funko collection on the way so I'll be sure to do a post on them when they arrive in April.

The complete collection will be available from the Disney Store on February 2nd - http://www.disneystore.co.uk/characters/beauty-and-the-beast-live-action

See You Soon!

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