My Most Anticipated Films for 2016

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2016 is looking to be a big year financially but what films am I looking forward to most? In this post, I will cover the 10 films I am most excited for in 2016 and I'll throw in a few honourable mentions because 2016 is an exciting year for film so 10 is just not enough! Remember, film releases can change so easily (e.g. Jupiter Ascending and Pan) so some of these may not even end up being 2016 releases! I am also going to do it based on US release date as the UK doesn't get some 2015 releases until early 2016 so it is just easier to do it with films that are released in 2016 in the US.

10. Alice Through The Looking Glass
I recently re-watched the first Alice in Wonderland just after the sequels trailer was released and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed with the trailer and think it is going to be another magical film for Disney. I am also a big fan of Disney's live action fairytales in general - I am yet to be disappointed. The only problem with this sequel is that it hasn't got too much buzz (which isn't a good sign for a sequel when the predecessor is in the billion dollar club). Also, this film isn't going to stick to the original tale we know - we have already seen a re-vamp of the Alice story so this is based on other Alice 'material' which isn't as well known. Everyone is returning to the cast and Sacha Baron Cohen joins them this time - his villain is going to be a little difficult to execute as they have personified time which is a hard task to do. Overall, I am very excited for this film - its a Disney live action fairytale and at the moment, I have 100% satisfaction from those films so it is almost a sure bet that I will like this film.

9. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
This film actually nearly missed out on a spot on this list. I really hated Man of Steel in 2013 - it was one of the worst films of that year. The film was way too dark, Superman wasn't as I had imagined him, the battles weren't very physical and I just found it not very enjoyable. However, so far the trailers for this film have been promising. I don't know if I like Ben Affleck as Batman just yet so that could be an issue but its Batman V Superman - a cinematic event. I think I am more excited for the 'event' of this films release more than the actual film. From the most recent trailer, I think I am going to like Lex Luthor as a character - Jesse Eisenberg looks like he is doing a great job. The jury is still out on Gal Gadot as we haven't seen her speak as Wonder-woman yet. Batman V Superman will either be epic or a complete failure and I am looking forward to finding out which one it is.

8. Ghostbusters
We are yet to have a trailer for this film but I just have a feeling that it is going to be really really good. Paul Feig is one of those directors that hasn't disappointed me as of yet - I throughly enjoyed Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. I really like Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig as comedic actresses so I am looking forward to seeing them back together again in this. I am also a fan of the gender flip - I think it is quite refreshing and kind of makes this remake less of a pointless remake and more interesting. The posters for the film are pretty cool - the characters look like they are going to be great fighters but also still have a sense of femininity about them. I know that this is a wild card and may be really bad but I have faith - I cannot wait to see this film.

7. Passengers
Another film we don't have a trailer or even a poster for. However, Passengers is basically Sleeping Beauty in space and sounds amazing. The film will star Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt - the biggest stars on the planet right now. The film will be directed by the director of The Imitation Game which was a big awards contender - Passengers basically has everything going for it. The film is a December release also which is also a big time for Oscar films to be released - could Passengers be an awards hit and a box office hit? The cast and team behind this just make me so excited.

6. Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising
Yet another film with no trailer or poster. Bad Neighbours was a big hit in the summer of 2014, grossing over $270 million worldwide with a budget of just $18 million. The film was received well by critics and audiences. The only worry for the second film is that it could do a 'Horrible Bosses 2' and be one of those sequels that nobody actually wants to see - except for me! The film has all of its original cast returning - Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne etc - but also adds stars like Chloe Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez to the mix. As a huge Selena Gomez fan, this is very exciting and there is no way that this film wasn't getting a place on this list.

5. Moana
I am very excited for this film - it is the next princess Disney movie after Frozen as Frozen was a mega-success. Disney seem to have realised how to make characters that audiences connect to well so I have high hopes for Moana. I also really enjoyed Big Hero 6 so can Disney make it a home run with Moana? Another thing I like about the film already is that they have cast an age-appropriate Hawaiian girl which reflects exactly what the character will be like. The film will also feature the voice of Dwayne Johnson - hopefully he doesn't add too much cheese. Moana could easily be a big hit for the mouse of house.

4. Finding Dory
This is so high up on this list because it is Finding Dory - it is a sequel that the world has been waiting a very long time for. Ellen Degeneres is a fantastic Dory and I can't wait to see more of her character in this film. However, I was a little disappointed by the trailer as I thought the music brought the whole mood down. Saying that, I am not going to let one trailer ruin my hopes for the film - Finding Dory should be very good. In my opinion, Pixar hasn't really put a foot wrong so this should be good no matter what (yes, I don't think Cars 2 is that bad). 

3. Captain America: Civil War
Not being a fan of the original Captain America, I was very surprised to find out that Winder Solider was one of my top films of 2014. This means I am going into Civil War with high hopes. Even though Age of Ultron wasn't as good as everyone wanted it to be, it was still a solid movie so the character of Captain America is still on the right track. The trailer for this film also looks very good - the only issue is the actual story could be read in ways that comes across quite laughable and childish - friends being jealous of each other. The film will also introduce Black Panther into the MCU which is very exciting. I also look forward to seeing AntMan join the team after his solid solo movie. Civil War will be in big competition with Batman V Superman for the biggest box office of 2016 but I think Civil War will be best in terms of quality.

2. The Jungle Book
Another Disney live action adaption makes my list. The first time I saw the trailer for The Jungle Book, I didn't have the best reaction. However, the more I see it, the more I enjoy it which makes me very very excited for this film. I think Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of Kaa in the trailer alone is almost iconic so imagine what she will be like in the movie! The visual effects look almost ground-breaking and I think this is kind of a first - we are yet to see a cartoon film that is basically a cast full of animals turned into live action. I think the trailer for this film was very effective. The Jungle Book is also the first Disney live action fairytale that isn't clearly targeted at females. This kind of makes the film appeal to everyone and could lead to lots of money at the box office.

1. Suicide Squad
I cannot wait for this film! I will be there for a midnight showing - it is just going to be so so good. I have been impressed with everything about this film so far - the trailer, the on set photos, the official photos and even the magazine covers - I just can't wait! I am most excited to seeing Jared Leto and Margot Robbie as I think they could end up playing iconic roles. The film just sounds really interesting and I like how villains are going to be doing good. I think the biggest reason I am excited about this is that it is a superhero movie that breaks boundaries - it is going to be dark and about the villains rather than the heroes. The only thing I am worried about is Will Smith being too cheesy. I think the cast look really good and everything about this film just sounds amazing. 

Honourable Mentions

  • Zootopia - Disney are at it again with a film that sounds so cute and charming. 
  • X-Men: Apocalypse - The film looks good, the only thing is, how faithful will it be to the comic? No blue mystique in the trailer is not a good sign. 
  • The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist - The first had to be the scariest film I had seen, the only bad sign is that Annabelle was no where near as good.
  • Independence Day: Resurgence - The trailer for this was very very impressive. 
  • The Huntsman: Winter's War - Basically live action Frozen? Sign me up. 
  • The Secret Life of Pets - This trailer has got to be one of the best I have ever seen - very charming. 
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - This wouldn't have been here if I hadn't of enjoyed The Force Awakens so much.
  • Central Intelligence - The concept sounds brilliant, the trailer? A little iffy. 
  • Deadpool - Another refreshing take on the superhero movie - I am really looking forward to this.

What films are you most excited for in 2016?
Happy New Year!

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