UK Box Office January 15-17: THE REVENANT Takes the Top Spot, CREED Makes A Solid Hit

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The Revenant was the movie that could dethrone Star Wars. After the mega-hit's 4 weeks at number 1, the 12 time Oscar nominee 'The Revenant' was able to take over the chart reign with $7.4 million. Creed also did solid business with a strong $3.1 million, opening at number 3.  

Room did strong business, despite a limited release the film took the number 7 spot, taking in around $955,000. The Met Opera also made its first appearance for 2016 with $500,000 at number 10.

Here are the top 10 films this week:

1. The Revenant - $7.41 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $7.41 million
2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - $4.44 million - Week 5 - Down 49% - Total: $161.36 million
3. Creed - $3.15 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $3.15 million
4. Daddy's Home - $2.12 million - Week 4 - Down 35% - Total: $19.93 million
5. The Hateful Eight - $1.57 million - Week 2 - Down 61% - Total: $7.37 million
6. The Danish Girl - $967,479 - Week 3 - Down 48% - Total: $7.76 million
7. Room - $954,397 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $954,397
8. The Peanuts Movie - $671,214 - Week 4 - Down 33% - Total: $12.63 million
9. Joy - $591,817 - Week 3 - Down 61% - Total: $6.21 million
10. Met Opera 2016 - $502,256 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $502,256

The top 10 made approximately $22.38 million million this weekend which is up 2.3% on last weekend and is also up 7% on the same time frame last year which saw a top 4 of films all earning over $3 million. The Revenant was able to outdo the impressive debut from American Sniper ($3.8 million) this time last year. It looks like The Revenant may be joining Mad Max, Star Wars and The Martian as the audience favourites this awards season.

The Revenant did incredibly strong business in the UK this weekend, taking in $7.41 million which not only puts it at number 1 but puts it in front for having the highest debut of the year so far. After its 3 Golden Globe wins (including Best Picture) and its 12 Oscar nominations, it looks like the UK wanted to see what all the fuss what about. The film is also very long which obviously isn't a factor that has put viewers off from seeing the film. The film's director's last film 'Birdman' opened with $2.3 million last January which ended up winning big at last years Oscars - maybe this film is just ticking all of the boxes for audience members after quality films? Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy are also big selling factors for this film - ever since it was announced, it has been speculated that this will be the film for DiCaprio to win his Oscar. The Revenant opens almost on par with The Wolf of Wall Street - $7.6 million and above The Great Gatsby - $6.2 million. DiCaprio is clearly a box office draw. The Revenant should have strong holds all the way up to the Oscars and throughout awards season - BAFTAs should also have a big influence. The Revenant could go on to earn anything up to $30 million by the end of its UK run.

The Force has been dethroned as Star Wars slips to number 2 in its 5th weekend. The film dropped a solid 49%, taking in $4.44 million. The film has now made $161.36 million in the UK - extending its box office record so it is even harder to be beat. The Force Awakens has been a mega-hit for Disney- it is still only number 3 internationally but it is looking to pass $2 billion this upcoming weekend which will be a huge achievement. The Force Awakens should kickstart some careers - surely all of the newcomer cast should be very interesting to audiences now? The Force Awakens still has a lot of life left in it, it could still reach $200 million but I think $180 million is a safe bet.

Creed took in $3.15 million this weekend, debuting in third place. I actually think this debut is not as strong as it could be but it is still solid and impressive. In 2015, Southpaw debuted with $2.6 million - Creed was only able to make $0.5 million more - Creed is part of a huge boxing franchise! I think the connections to the Rocky films wasn't played up enough in the marketing - Creed should have gave The Revenant a stiff fight! The film has had solid reviews and an Oscar nomination so maybe it will hold well and close with around $15 million? This definitely isn't a poor start for the film but it is a little underwhelming - I would of imagined a debut of anything around $4-6 million if you had asked me this time last week.

Dropping a light 35% to 4th place this weekend is Daddy's Home. The comedy took in $2.12 million and has now made $19.93 million in the UK after 4 weeks of release. I say this every week but Daddy's Home has performed exceptionally in the UK. The film will likely close with around $25-30 million. I am still waiting for that sequel announcement.

Surprisingly, The Hateful Eight took a steep 61% drop this weekend. Tarantino films usually have strong holds but I guess the word of mouth on this one isn't as strong. The film did earn a few Oscar nominations but that didn't seem to help. The Hateful Eight is very long - but then again, so is The Revenant - maybe people don't have enough time to watch two nearly 3 hour long films? It is also likely that The Revenant will have taken the screens of The Hateful Eight - they have similar audiences. The Hateful Eight made $1.57 million in the UK this weekend and has so far made $7.37 million. The film is on track to close with around $10 million -  a disappointing closing number.

6. The Danish Girl - A solid hold for the awards contender in its 3rd weekend. Prediction: $10-12 million.

7. Room - A fantastic start - opening in under 200 cinemas and able to crack the top 10. Lets hope for strong holds in the coming weeks! Prediction: $3-5 million.

8. The Peanuts Movie - This film really hasn't held that well in general - that huge 60%+ second week drop is still hurting it now. It has been in release for 4 weeks - animations are usually in the top 10 for around 7-10 weeks. Peanuts will be gone soon. Prediction: $15 million.

9. Joy - I guess that Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination didn't help this film. Prediction: $7-8 million.

10. Met Opera 2016

Source: Rentrak

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