UK Box Office January 22-24: THE REVENANT Spends Second Week At Number 1, RIDE ALONG 2 Tops Original

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The Revenant spent a second week on top of the UK box office with a strong hold. Ride Along 2 opened in second place - that is a spot higher than the original and it took in just over $3 million which is over $500,000 more than the original opened with in 2014. The Big Short also cracked the top 5, taking the number 4 spot with just under $1.9 million. 

The only other film to crack the top 10 was The 5th Wave which opened low at number 9 with $700,000 which was to be expected. 

Here are the top 10 films this week:

1. The Revenant - $5.54 million - Week 2 - Down 25% - Total: $17.25 million
2. Ride Along 2 - $3.08 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $3.08 million
3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - $2.87 million - Week 6 - Down 35% - Total: $168.43 million
4. The Big Short - $1.87 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $1.87 million
5. Creed - $1.75 million - Week 2 - Down 44% - Total: $6.18 million
6. Daddy's Home - $1.44 million - Week 5 - Down 32% - Total: $22.30 million
7. Room - $928,232 - Week 2 - Down 3% - Total: $2.55 million
8. The Hateful Eight - $814,827 - Week 3 - Down 48% - Total: $9.11million
9. The 5th Wave - $714,607 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $714,607
10. The Danish Girl - $557,890 - Week 4 - Down 42% - Total: $9.25 million

The top 10 made approximately $19.56 million million this weekend which is down 12.6% on last weekend but is up 21.3% on the same time frame last year which saw a very strong hold from American Sniper and most of the top 10 saw good holds in general. 

The Revenant sat at the top spot for a second week in a row - the film dropped a very light 25% and took in $5.54 million. The film has now made $17.25 million and is beating all of the early predictions - when it was being re-shot and the budget shot up, nobody thought that this thing could be a profit making film. However, it is looking like it will become one. The film is the big awards contender this season with 12 nominations. The film will likely have strong holds all the way up to the Oscars and if it takes some big wins, it may continue to do incredible business. I think The Revenant could easily make $30 million - this thing is going to be around for a while. 

The highest new release debut came from Ride Along 2 this week. The comedy sequel took in $3.08 million which is nearly $700,000 higher than the first films debut in 2014. Ride Along 2 has also climbed a spot - the first debuted at number 3. Ride Along will have gained some UK fans in its DVD release as it is rare that comedy sequels improve on the latter for any other reason. Ride Along 2 will also benefit from the lack of comedy competition - the only other is Daddy's Home which has had an incredibly strong run. Ride Along 2 will face Dirty Grandpa next weekend. The film has terrible reviews though which suggests that its future may not be so bright - the first film didn't see very impressive holds so with just a 12% approval rating, Ride Along 2 could drop off fast. Nevertheless, this film should be able to make at least $8-10 million in the UK. 

Becoming the oldest film on the chart, Star Wars: The Force Awakens spends its 6th week in not only the top 10 but the top 3. The film took in $2.87 million which is down just 35% on last weekend - this is a very strong hold for a film which has been in release for such a long time. The Force Awakens has now made $168.4 million in the UK - even though $200 million is becoming less likely, I think it could easily top $180 million. The Force Awakens has been an incredible success - all eyes will be on Rogue One in December and Episode 8 in 2017. 

The second highest debut this weekend came from The Big Short. The film took in $1.87 million. This is a solid debut, especially for a film that is targeted at an American audience - it is all about an American finance crisis (which did have an impact on the world) - even the film speaks to the audience as if they are members of the American public. The Big Short has earned some awards buzz with 5 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. The film has also become the dark horse for the Best Picture win. The Big Short should be able to see some solid holds until the Oscars and like The Revenant, if it gets that Best Picture win, I think it will continue to do solid business. The film also has strong reviews so I think The Big Short should be able to reach at least $5 million by the end of its run. 

Creed slips to number 5 this week with a solid 44% second week drop. The film took in $1.75 million this weekend and has so far made $6.18 million in the UK. Despite having an underwhelming debut last week. the film is holding up reasonably well which is good news. Creed is looking to close with above $10 million and it may go even higher if it gets that Oscar win. 

6. Daddy's Home - Another incredible hold for the surprise hit in its 5th weekend. Prediction: $27-30 million.

7. Room - The Oscar contender sees an incredible hold in its second weekend. Prediction: $4-6 million.

8. The Hateful Eight - Even though this is better than last weekend, this film really needs to be seeing better holds. Prediction: $11-13 million.

9. The 5th Wave - A YA disappointment, any planned sequel will likely be scrapped. The 5th Wave ranks among other YA flops - The Mortal Instruments, Beautiful Creatures, The Host and The Giver. Prediction: $1.5-2 million.

10. The Danish Girl - The film sees another solid hold. However, I thought this film would have performed a little stronger in general. Prediction: $12-15 million. 

Source: Rentrak

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