Top 10 Films of 2016...So Far!

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Are we really half way through 2016 already? Yes we are! This year is really flying by. It is that time again where I give you an insight into my favourite films of the year so far. To be honest, currently, I believe 2016 has been quite weak - the 10 films I am about to mention are the only actual films I have thought were better than just good. 2016 has been a year of disappointments and that reflects in my top 10. Last year, I was the complete opposite and thought it was harder to make a bottom 10 list - that is much easier this year!
Disclaimer: In this list, I have only included films that are classed as 2016 releases according to IMDB (for example, I loved Joy but IMDB counts that as a 2015 release even though the UK didn't get it till January 2016). 

10. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - When going to see this film or prior to its release, I would not have thought this film would be one of my favourites of the year. I thought this film was a real pleasant surprise - it blended horror, comedy and drama well together and I just really liked it. Even though I could easily point out the films flaws, I did thoroughly enjoy it. "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a really fun movie - it may sound silly, but just take it for what it is and you'll enjoy it. This film does successfully have pride, prejudice and zombies. Some have said it has pacing issues but I think it was paced quite well and there are just enough of all of the qualities which makes it work. The film is also surprisingly quite scary so be prepared for that. Lily James leads a cast that is full of strong performances and she does a really good job. There may be a lack of character development, plot holes and loose ends but I think if you take this film at face value, you can find something to enjoy. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - a pleasant surprise that is very entertaining."

9. The Fundamentals of Caring - This is actually a very recent entry to this list - this film is charming and just a really light-hearted, enjoyable watch. I expected this film to be good and it definitely met my expectations. "The Fundamentals of Caring is a very charming film. Rudd, Roberts and Gomez are all fantastic and each character is quirky and relatable in their own right. Even though the story is extremely generic, that can be easily forgiven with the amount of heart and funny moments that this film has. If you have Netflix and want a light-hearted film that is relatable and uplifting then The Fundamentals of Caring is for you".

8. 10 Cloverfield Lane - I thoroughly enjoyed this film and thought it was very well made. However, looking back, my views on it have become slightly less positive. Don't get me wrong, I still love the film but I think it may be one of those that is good for the moment. "10 Cloverfield Lane is a very good film - considering nobody knew about it 2 months ago, it is remarkable that a studio was able to keep such a quality film under wraps. At heart, it is an indie film that has been wrapped up for a mainstream audience. The acting is superb and the plot is very confined and effective. The scares are always on point and the film really does showcase how twisted humans can be. Even though the final 15 minutes and Michelle's convenience do bring my feelings towards the film down, 10 Cloverfield Lane is still a strong film that is just short of being incredible. The opening sequence is something I will remember for a long time. 10 Cloverfield Lane may be a spiritual sequel but it is certainly better than the first film. I urge you to visit 10 Cloverfield Lane - you won't be disappointed". Also, in the films defence - it is the only film so far this year I watched twice in the cinema so there is something special about it. 

7. Captain America: Civil War - I definitely didn't like this film as much as everyone else. However, I will admit it is a well made movie with an exceptional action scene. I still can't pin-point what I didn't get about the film but it definitely deserves to be on this list. "Captain America: Civil War doesn't disappoint and is a great kick-start to phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, I almost expected having more to say and set the bar really high for the film - it was slightly underwhelming but that doesn't make it a bad film. The performances are great and the characters are all fantastic - Ant-Man stole his scenes and Blank Panther and Spider-Man were fantastic additions. Even though the film still does suffer from being overcrowded, the plot is still sophisticated but Civil War does lack the thriller intelligence of The Winter Soldier. This isn't the best film Marvel has released but it does come close with a spectacular battle that occurs towards the middle of the film and surprisingly not the end. Civil War showcases why the Russo brothers are perfect for directing these movies".

6.  X-Men: Apocalypse - Yes, I preferred Apocalypse over Civil War. I thought this was a new style for X-Men movies - it didn't feel as heavy and serious. However, I definitely can acknowledge that this film has its flaws and may not be as well made as Civil War but I certainly enjoyed watching it much much more. "X-Men: Apocalypse is a thoroughly enjoyable film that has everything you would want in a summer film. Yes, it is extremely silly and dumb at times but if you just get past that, there is a lot to enjoy. I thought all of the actors and actresses did fantastic jobs - my favourites were Evan Peters, Sophie Turner and Rose Byrne. The visual effects were brilliant but the villain was a little naive and full of himself. X-Men: Apocalypse is my second favourite film out of the new 3 so far - I really recommend it". 

5.  The Jungle Book - This is an exceptionally well-made film - the voice actors and the visuals are some memorable highlights. Even though it does take a while to get used to seeing extremely realistic animals speak - The Jungle Book is an amazing film. "The Jungle Book is a spectacular film - it adds a darker level to the tale but thats what makes it a refreshing remake of the original - this will be The Jungle Book for todays generation. The only faults with the film are the visuals occasionally being a little off and Sethi's performance being sometimes a little forced (which I can easily forgive). However, these are outweighed by a generally fantastic performance from Sethi and a magnificent string of voice actors - stand outs are Bill Murray, Idris Elba and Scarlett Johansson. The Jungle Book sets the bars for visual effects in films from this point onwards. There are talk of sequels - even though this is a complete story to me, I definitely wouldn't mind exploring the fantastic world that Favreau has created (in an LA studio ;) ). The Jungle Book may not be my favourite film of the year so far but it is definitely the first must-see of the year". 

4. The Conjuring 2 - I would not have guessed that this film would make it into my top 10, let alone my top 5! This film is a very sophisticated and effective horror film. It is by far the best horror of the year and it is definitely one of the best films of the year in general - the camera work, stylising and acting are all fantastic. "The Conjuring 2 is on par with its predecessor - mainly because it is just more of the same. I think I can appreciate this one slightly more as I am older and I could pay more attention to the quality of the film rather than how the scares impacted me. I thought the acting was brilliant and the scares were very effective. The camerawork was really nice and definitely added to the tension. I can't wait to see what the future brings for The Conjuring franchise as it is definitely a series I like. The Conjuring 2 is probably one of the best sequels of the year and possibly one of the best horror sequels of all time". 

3. Eddie the Eagle - Another surprise! Eddie the Eagle may just be the biggest surprise of the year - I did not think I was going to like it at all. This film was charming and had a lot of heart. I thought the performances were great and this is probably the biggest feel good movie of the year so far. I loved it! "Eddie the Eagle is one of those films that is an incredibly pleasant surprise. It is also one of those films that you really like just because it is really likeable and you can't explain why. The film left me with a smile on my face and in a very good mood. The story was inspirational and the message was refreshing and very positive. Egerton proves he is deservingly one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood today - he is incredibly talented. Jackman plays a fictional character but puts on a very strong performance regardless. The soundtrack is brilliantly scored and the final scene is very effective and moving. Eddie the Eagle is a film you may not want to see but I think you should definitely see it - one of the most likeable films I have seen. A crowd pleaser".

2. Deadpool - There have only been two films so far this year that I have awarded 5 stars to - Deadpool is one of them and the number 1 film is the other. Deadpool is just a fantastic film that breaks the mould of your typical superhero film - it is the start of a new trend. The film is a critical and commercial success - it is just a fantastic, hilarious watch with surprisingly a lot of heart! "Deadpool lives up to the hype! The only way to describe it is thoroughly enjoyable and would still be effective after repeat viewings. Ryan Reynolds is fantastic and I think he has just hit a career high with this movie. The film is hilarious, violent, action packed and romantic  - who thought a superhero film would be able to be successful at so many things? Deadpool won't just blend in either - with its 4th wall breaking, crude humour, extreme violence and a small scoped story - it will definitely be remembered as a film that challenges conventions. Deadpool has really gave life to a new franchise. It may not be a cinematic masterpiece but it succeeds where many have failed. I've said it lots and I'll say it again - THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINING". 

1. Zootopia - This film is definitely my favourite of the year so far - it is so cute but also very smart and sophisticated. The film has great characters and a very powerful message - it has by far the best message I have seen in a film so far this year. The animation is brilliant and I am so pleased this flick joined the billion dollar club because it truly deserves it. "Zootropolis is absolutely fantastic. It may not be as smart and deep as Inside Out but it is certainly a much more upbeat and fun film to watch. I think Zootropolis gets it just right - it has the powerful message that young and older audiences will understand but also has the humour and great characters that everyone will enjoy. The pop culture references are also fantastic. Zootropolis just has a universal appeal. Goodwin and Wilde help to create two great characters for the Disney universe that I can't wait to see more of.  If it's only March and Disney have already treated us with Zootropolis, just think of what they could have in store for us with Finding Dory and Moana!? Zootropolis is outstanding in every way". 

We are only half way through the year so this list will likely have been shaken up by the time December comes around. Some releases that have the potential to join the list are Ghostbusters, Passengers, Moana, Finding Dory and oh yeah....SUICIDE SQUAD. Some of those will likely be disappointments (as I feel like I'm disappointed by the majority of films this year) and I'm sure there will be some surprises that I didn't expect to like (I'm looking at you Star Trek Beyond). I actually think the second half of the year looks stronger to the first half - lets hope so anyway. 

I also keep track of my least favourite films of the year - I haven't ranked them just yet but Dirty Grandpa, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Zoolander 2 and Mother's Day are all trash so avoid them if you're planning to watch something. 

What do you think of this list? What is your favourite film of 2016 so far? - COMMENT BELOW

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