My Most Anticipated Films for 2017

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I did this same post around a year ago and I was expecting big things from 2016 - the biggest theme for film in 2016 was 'disappointments' - near enough every film was not as good as it could or should have been. Even films I personally liked were slammed by critics - it was a touch year for film so lets hope it is onwards and upwards for 2017. Even audiences were not too kind as many films were not as big financially as they should or could have been. At the time of writing (18/12/16), I have seen 9 out of the 10 films on my most anticipated films for 2016 list and 56% of those were disappointing in some way or another. I honestly hope I'm not jinxing the films on this list...

Remember that film releases can change easily and randomly so some films on this list may not even end up as 2017 releases! I am also going to do it based on US release date as the UK doesn't get some 2016 releases until early 2017 so it is just easier to do it with films that are planned to be released in 2017 in the US.

So, Let's begin!

10. Spider-Man: Homecoming 
What! Spider-Man is at the bottom of the list? Yes, that is right and although I am really excited for this film, I just don't thing the Spider-Man character is as exciting or as special as he once was. This is his third return to the big screen and I was definitely in the minority who thought the character was not the best part of Civil War (I much preferred GiANTman). The trailer for Homecoming just - it does look good and it does seem to be a much more different take on the character  - a teen coming-of-age story meets a superhero film? I'm down. Tom Holland is great in this role, I just hope the character doesn't come across as annoying as he did in Civil War. The cast is also realistically diverse which is nice to see. There are also many ties to the MCU - including an appearance from Iron Man himself, I wonder if any other Avengers will make an appearance? Catch Spider-Man: Homecoming from July 7th 2017.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
2017 looks to be a big year for Marvel - not only do they have Spider-Man & Thor 3, but they have the sequel to the biggest surprise hit of 2014. Guardians of the Galaxy is the MCU's equivalent to Suicide Squad - except, this one was universally acclaimed. I can't actually believe we've had two trailers for this film already within a couple of months. I have to say, the first trailer caught my attention much more than the second one. Baby Groot seems adorable and the rest of the gang are brilliant too. This is the role that turned Chris Pratt into an A-lister so it will be interesting to see whether he still fits the role perfectly or has outgrown it. This is also quite a quick turnaround for a sequel to audiences will still be interested in these characters, I know I amCatch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 from April 28th (UK) or May 5th 2017 (USA).

8. Baywatch
This one might come as a surprise to most and will probably have all the Marvel fanboys wondering how on earth the Baywatch remake can rank higher than Marvel's offerings for the year. However, I was excited for this just from the casting - Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson seemed like they would make a great combo right from the outset and then the trailer was released and I think I was right. This film looks funny, light and Efron and Johnson look like they bounce off of each other very well. Hollywood is in need of some films that intentionally don't take themselves too seriously and Baywatch may be the answer to that. The film has also done well so far to avoid remake hate (like Ghostbusters). As always though, the only problem with a comedy trailer is the question - how many effective jokes actually remain? Catch Baywatch from May 12th (UK) or May 26th 2017 (USA).

7. Kingsman: The Golden Circle
The first instalment was a surprise hit and was actually a pretty solid film - you can read my full thoughts on the film here. I am actually surprising myself with how excited I am for this film but I think the new additions to the cast are exciting - Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Elton John (I could go on). Colin Firth has also been announced to return so I am excited to see how his character comes back into the narrative. Even though there hasn't been a trailer for the film just yet, there have been a couple of posters which are intriguing. Hopefully the sequel will be able to be just as good or even better than the original as Kingsman was a unique spy film in a year (2015) that was full of them.  Catch Kingsman: The Golden Circle from September 29th (UK) or October 6th 2017 (USA).

6. Snatched
Now, I have to admit, this film is slightly higher on this list than it probably would have been if the trailer and Amy Schumer were not getting as much hate as they currently are. For some reason, Snatched's trailer is seeing a similar situation to Ghostbusters - the internet wants to kill this film and many are saying it is because of Schumer's political views. However, if anything, I support Schumer's views and I went to one of her shows in September and she was hilarious. I am also in the middle of reading her book which is fantastic and very funny. Trainwreck is also a film I love to go back and watch again and again. I also love Inside Amy Schumer. Basically, I am a big Amy Schumer fan and I thought the trailer (both the red band and green band) looks hilarious and it definitely does not deserve any hate at all. Even if the internet trolls do win and this film performs poorly financially, I will still be paying to see it. Please do give it a chance. Catch Snatched from May 12th 2017.

5. Wonder Woman
This film is important for numerous reasons and it will be really exciting if this film is successful. The first reason for why this film is important is that it is the first solo female superhero film since the renaissance of the genre when the MCU was formed. This film is also really important to the DCEU and Warner Bros - even though Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman were successful financially, they both would have performed much stronger if they were classed as good films by critics - both films received very negative reviews. Wonder Woman needs to be seen as a good film by the majority of critics and also needs to be successful financially. If it is successful, maybe the Black Widow solo film will be fast tracked? I am also excited for this film in general - the trailers look fun and exciting and even though I'm not usually a fan of period superhero films (I really dislike The First Avenger), Wonder Woman looks like it is getting it right thus far. Gal Gadot was also the best part of Batman v Superman so that is promising. This film is a wild card but I have faith in it. Catch Wonder Woman from June 2nd 2017.

4. Pitch Perfect 3
So far, I have loved both of the Pitch Perfect fans - they are both uplifting, fun and incredible rewatchable films. I am sure the third instalment will be just the same. What makes this one even more exciting is that it will be a Christmas film - the Barden Bellas singing Christmas songs? Yes Please! This will definitely be a soundtrack that will become a festive classic. The cast are all returning which is great, the only potential issue is the director - Banks has stepped down and Trish Sie has stepped up - she doesn't have the best resume but how hard can it be to get a Pitch Perfect film right? The cast are almost likeable enough on their own. Catch Pitch Perfect 3 from December 22nd 2017.

3. The Fate of the Furious
Furious 7 put this franchise on a completely new level - this is now officially one of the biggest franchises of all time as the seventh instalment is currently the 6th biggest film ever - the film made almost double the 6th instalment. If the franchise continues to grow in this way, expect huge things from Fast 8. However, there are many reasons for the success of number 7 such as the tremendous and respectful send off to Paul Walker. Fast 8 will be the first film without Walker so it will be interesting to see how the franchise progresses - they have added a couple of big names to the cast and have kept most of the previous cast members. This time, Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren join the cast - we all know from The Huntsman films that Theron can play a cracking villain. The trailer does look very good with more outrageous stunts - that's what I love about this series, they know how over the top they are and they roll with it. I am keeping my expectations a little lower as this is very unlikely to be better than number 7 but I am still really excited to see it. The narrative also seems pretty interesting - the idea of Dom going bad is almost unthinkable so it will be interesting to see whether they can pull it off. Catch The Fate of the Furious from April 14th 2017.

2. Star Wars: Episode VIII
I have to say, Episode 7 was not even a film I was that excited for before its release which really made it a tremendous surprise because I loved it and since that day, I have been a Star Wars fan. Even though (and I'm afraid to say), I still haven't seen the other 6 Episodes, I have liked both Star Wars revival films so far. I much preferred the characters of Episode 7 to Rogue One and I cannot wait to revisit them and learn more about them. It's hard to say much as we don't really know much about the story but we will find out Rey's back story which is exciting as she is still one of my favourite characters from any film. Maybe it will be a new year's resolution to catch up on the Star Wars films before Episode 8's release. Tom Hardy joins the cast and Rian Johnson (Looper) is behind the camera - I have high hopes for this one. Catch Episode 8 from December 15th 2017.

1. Beauty and the Beast
This year, I got completely obsessed with Suicide Squad...and I was kind of let down, it wasn't the great film I was hoping for it to be. I am already beginning to get obsessed with Beauty and the Beast - my Christmas decorations are themed to it this year! I just hope this time, I am right to get obsessed and excited. Both of the trailers have been truly stunning, giving me goosebumps. I recently rewatched the original animated version and it truly is one of the best films of all time - that ballroom scene is iconic and from the glimpse we got in the trailer, the live action version may be just as beautiful. I believe that Emma Watson is perfect for the role of Belle and I have heard she has added a few more feminist and progressive touches to Belle's personality which are welcome - this imagining of Belle is exciting. My only worry is the appearance of the Beast - I still cannot work out whether I am a fan or not - he does look like a goat and not like the Beast from the animated classic but I suppose this is a reimagining and I might grow to love it when I see him in the film. I think this will be Disney's biggest live action fairytale yet as I think it is full of nostalgia. Oscar nominations for costume and production design are on the cards already. This is the film I am excited for most next year (by far) and I really hope it ends up being the best film of 2017. Disney rarely let me down so I have high hopes. Catch Beauty and the Beast from March 17th 2017

Honourable Mentions 
  • Thor: Ragnarok - I really like the concept of Cate Blanchett's villain and I actually preferred The Dark World over the first instalment. This one is exciting. 27/10 (UK), 3/11 (USA).
  •  Fifty Shades Darker - What? Fifty Shades is a film you're looking forward to? I actually think the trailers for this one look pretty good, lets hope the performances improve drastically! 10/2. 
  •  Cars 3 - This would not have been a film I was looking forward to if the trailer didn't hint at a big change for this series. Cars is going dark and I'm looking forward to it. 14/7 (UK), 16/6 (USA).  
  •  Coco - Pixar's second release for the year. We don't know too much other than it's based on The Day of the Dead. It's Pixar so I'm already sold. 8/12 (UK), 22/11 (USA).  
  • Hidden Figures & La La Land - so technically these films are not 2017 releases but they are in the UK and I cannot wait to see both of them!  
  • Alien: Covenant - I was not a fan of Prometheus but this is not a silly spin off, I look forward to this film. 19/5.
  •  Kong: Skull Island & The Mummy - It's a shame because these were both films I liked the sound of but I am not a big fan of their latest trailers. I will still be paying to see them though. Kong - 10/3. Mummy - 9/6. 

What films are you most excited for in 2017?

See You Soon!

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