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 Bad Santa 2 is directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) and stars Billy Bob Thornton (Armageddon, Sling Blade), Tony Cox (Oz the Great and Powerful, Me, Myself & Irvene), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men, Drive) and Brett Kelly (Trick 'r Treat, Unaccompanied Minors). "Fueled by cheap whiskey, greed and hatred, Willie teams up once again with his angry little sidekick, Marcus, to knock off a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve" (IMDb, 2016).  With a title with the word 'Bad' in it, does this film live up to its name?

Before getting into the review, I thought I'd put it out there that I haven't watched the first Bad Santa but it was December 1st and I was desperate to watch a Christmas film and other than Almost Christmas - which I had already seen - this was my only choice. I have to say, it was fun and did admittedly make me feel festive. However, this really is a poor effort and I can't say that it is a good film. Maybe if you liked the first one, you will like this but I don't think it is going to win anyone over. This film is pretty bad. 

Is Bad Santa 2 funny? I have to say no, I think I only laughed once which was a joke about how Willie's mum used to feed him as a kid. Other than this moment, Bad Santa 2 is pretty much laugh-less. All of the jokes were a little too crude, rude and inappropriate - I think Bad Santa could have been much more intelligent with its jokes. For example, a film like Sausage Party was packed full of crude and rude jokes but it found a way to do it differently and smartly - Bad Santa 2 could have been a little more original and intelligent with its humour. 

So what about the performances? They're ok but honestly they're nothing special and I know I commonly say that performances are quite forgettable and mediocre but the acting in Bad Santa 2 is the definition of mediocre and nothing special. This is one of Billy Bob Thornton's most iconic roles and I really don't think he does much to impress here - of course the character is unlikeable but you don't love to hate him, you just kind of don't care about him. The supporting cast were all nothing special, they're not even worth writing about. However, a shout out must go to Brett Kelly whose performance is so heavily a rip off of Buddy the Elf, it was kind of bad. Like surely there are more exciting and interesting characters to actually create than one that is already beloved and was introduced around 13 years ago! Oh and can I briefly mention how ashamed Octavia Spencer should be of her cameo in this film - I know Divergent didn't work out but she is usually an excellent actress so it is such a shame for her to end up playing a prostitute in Bad Santa 2 - luckily for her, not many people have seen this film.

The story was also pretty dull and nothing special - it wasn't even the type of story where you were routing for the characters to achieve their end goal because the end goal was actually pretty tasteless and cruel. However, I did have a revelation whilst watching the film - how good would Bad Santa be Deadpool-style - this is the type of character that would work really well with an inventive style and smart humour. This means the story doesn't have to be revolutionary but it would have some really cool qualities going for it - Bad Santa 3 is not going to happen so in a few years, I think Tim Miller should think about making a film about Santa Clause who goes off the rails - it would be comedy genius. Allied was a missed opportunity and so was Bad Santa 2. 

This is a bad film, we just have to accept that. But, I can't help but admit it did make me feel festive and Christmassy towards the end - I don't know if this was because Christmas is just a theme throughout the film and there are many festive visuals. Even though Bad Santa 2 is the opposite of what Christmas is all about, it does get something right in because a passable Christmas flick. 

Bad Santa 2 is mediocrely acted - I don't know how this role is so iconic for Billy Bob Thornton as he really isn't that impressive. The film is really short on laughs which is disappointing considering this is supposed to be a comedy. The story is unlikeable and not really worth your time - this whole film isn't worth your time to be honest unless you liked the first one. Bad Santa 2 will make you feel festive but is that really a good enough reason to pay to see it? No. It was also hard to watch the filmmakers produce such a boring and bland film (technically) which could have pushed boundaries - I can't wait for the post Deadpool world. I'm sorry to be cliche, but Bad Santa 2 really is quite bad. 


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