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Heroes Don't Come Any Bigger
Ant-Man is directed by Peyton Reed (Yes Man, The Break-Up) and stars Paul Rudd (Role Models, I Love You, Man), Michael Douglas (The Game, Basic Instinct) and Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit Series, Lost). "Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world". Was Guardians of the Galaxy just a fluke for Marvel or can they introduce any new character and be successful?
Before I say anything, this isn't a bad movie at all - its just what you'd expect it to be. From the trailers, I thought why is AntMan only getting his movie now at the end of this Marvel phase with no planned sequel in the schedule? AntMan must have a large role in Civil War or Infinity War in order to explain why he gets his own film. AntMan really is a superhero B movie - is doesn't really explore anything new but it still brings quality. 

Ant-Man is one of them films that never really has any wow moments but doesn't have any horrible moments either. However, I'm going to start off with my negative views on the film. Once the credits started rolling, I couldn't help feel that the whole film was extremely unnecessary - why did AntMan need his own film? Why couldn't he have just been introduced in other films like Black Widow, Falcon, The Vision etc? I also still don't completely understand how powerful or heroic he is - the suit only seems to give him the ability to shrink and sneak around and then he can easily communicate with...ANTS. That brings me on to my next point, AntMan is a pretty dumb movie - ok, I tolerated and kind of liked Chris Pratt being a Raptor whisperer in Jurassic World but communicating to Ants and trying to portray them in a cute light was stupid and didn't work for me. Spiderman doesn't need to create an army of spiders so why does AntMan need ants?

However, AntMan is a really fun time! The movie is probably the most comedic marvel entry so far - even though I don't believe it was as funny as many others have made out. This helped the film to feel quite light-hearted and more of a family film than a action packed adventure - I liked that! The script is obviously the main reason for the humour so well done to the writers!

Even though AntMan isn't really anything you've not seen before - it does have some unique elements. I really liked how the film was more personal to its characters rather than 'saving the world'. I liked how it explored parent/child relationships and I actually felt for both Scott and his daughter. The story of AntMan is pretty good also - I like how there is a rival scientist copying the formula of the suit and how both AntMan, Hank and Hope have to team up to defeat him. There are also many tie-ins with the Avengers which help make the film relevant in the Marvel universe - however, I did feel that Falcon wasn't the best choice for the cameo. 

The visual effects were very good in the film and it was fascinating seeing the world from such a small perspective - I think it was really effective and helps to make AntMan a little more different from the competition this summer. I also really enjoyed the fight scenes - even though they were on a small scale, it was mind blowing to see what battles could occur on a child's train track or inside a brief case - I especially loved it when AntMan tries to communicate with Siri and he is misunderstood so a song plays. 

The film is also filled with some pretty solid performances. Paul Rudd does a fantastic job and definitely brings a lot of charm to the film. Even though he is not there in box office numbers, maybe he will join Chris Pratt in Hollywood royalty? Paul Rudd for a Jaws remake anyone? I'm actually looking forward to seeing Rudd in a whole different role in next years 'The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving'. Michael Douglas also did a nice job as Hank Pimm and I thought his performance was believable which is always a good thing. I also thought Evangeline Lilly did a solid job - it was nice to see SPOILER another female potentially join the Avengers team at the end. I also liked how AntMan's cast was quite diverse and the 3 men who were the main reason for comedic moments did a fantastic job!

AntMan is a dumb and unnecessary but fun movie. However, it is not a film Marvel should be ashamed of - it is a solid entry into their universe (maybe on the same level as the Thor films). The Ant communication is a little too far but the visual effects are superb. AntMan is Marvel's most comedic piece yet and has some really solid performances, especially from Paul Rudd. AntMan will have little impact to the MCU but for this summer, it is a very good time. 


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