Studio Spotlight: DC (Warner Bros) - Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman, Green Lantern

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So Comic Con has just passed and in my opinion, the studio that won was definitely Warner Bros and their DC films. The studio released two new trailers for two of the most anticipated films of 2016 - Suicide Squad & Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In this post, I will be reviewing both trailers - SPOILER - I Love them both! Comic Con also gave us a sneak peak into the next Green Lantern movie. 'Studio Spotlight' is a new mini-series I am starting on the blog and will cover all the biggest studio news.
Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice 

  • Like how neither Batman or Superman is painted as a hero 
  • Bruce's deterioration is executed quite well in a limited amount of time
  • Amy Adams is back! - the best part of Man of Steel!
  • The visual effects look amazing
  • The reveal of WonderWoman is fantastic - Gal Gadot looks like she is almost perfect for the role
  • The rivalry is built up well
  • The fighting scenes look great
  • Lex Luthor is super creepy at the end
  • Batman's suit looks like something out of Lego
  • Man of Steel was terrible so this has the potential to be bad too
  • Scene at 1:29 is really cringey and cheesy
  • In the words of Edna Mode - No Capes! (Superman is putting himself at big risk)
  • Lex Luthor could be explored a little better
  • Hate the laser eyes
Suicide Squad

  • Really like how 'Warner Bros' and 'DC Comics' turn on screen like they are unwinding the bars to the Squad
  • Good development on how bad characters are doing good things
  • The creepy/slow music is effective
  • Margot Robbie looks great as Harley Quinn - 'are you the devil?' is very effective - looks like an evil mermaid
  • Spring Breakers vibes - pretending the racket is a gun and the weird Panda costumes 
  • The cast is brilliant
  • Batman!
  • The reveal of 'The Joker' is really well executed - Jared Leto's rendition is really really creepy
  • Will Smith doesn't seem great at being Deadshot - seems like he should be in a Marvel superhero movie rather than a darker one like this - 'let's go save the World' is cheesy and doesn't fit with the music
  • Trailer is quite slow
  • Obvious that there is a lack of footage as there isn't really any wow moments visually - mainly about the cast

Green Lantern - according to '', Comic Con 2015 also revealed that the new Green Lantern movie will be called 'Green Lantern Corps'. It is also rumoured that Chris Pine will play the lead role. 

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