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Minions is directed by Kyle Balda (The Lorax) and Pierre Coffin (Despicable Me 1&2). The film is a spin off to the hugely successful Despicable Me series - the latest almost joined the billion dollar club! The voice cast includes Sandra Bullock (Gravity, The Heat), Pierre Coffin (The Minions) and Jennifer Saunders (Shrek 2, Coraline).  "Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world". Can the Minions survive without Gru? Will this turn the Despicable Me franchise into overkill?
My feelings on Minions are generally mixed - However, I have decided that it is a mostly good film and is worth your time. I loved the first Despicable Me so had high hopes for number 2 - however, I thought number 2 was a slight let down and didn't have the magic that the first did. This means my hopes for Minions weren't too high but definitely not low - I think in the big scheme of things, Minions ranks about equally to number 2 or slightly above. 

Minions could actually afford to spend more time in each of its locations/story stops. For example, the villain con literally lasted for 10 minutes maximum - I think that this was such a unique idea that Illumination entertainment should have kept the plot there a little longer. I also think not enough time was spent on the Minions exploring Scarlet's castle - she could of had some super cool rooms or areas that we will never know about! The plot did move very fast and this did make the film feel a little rushed. The story was also extremely far fetched - ok, I know this is an animated film for kids so they won't feel the same but what are the odds that a tiny minion will pull a sword out of a stone and become a king all within a couple of minutes? They could have done it better by having the minions just become good friends with Queen Elizabeth rather than overthrowing her - the ending would potentially still have been the same. I did like the end battle scene and thought that Stuart became a good match for Scarlet. Also, the Minions did become slightly annoying at times and I did start to miss Gru and the girls (some characters who actually speak).

Minions is also extremely inappropriate for younger viewers - it really does cross the line at times and I don't understand how it got a U classification from the BBFC. Here are a few things that happened during the film - the minions find it fun sliding through a noose, a baby holding a bomb, one of the minions is in a hot tub with two train pipes that resemble a particular part of the female body, there is a close up of Scarlet Overkill pulling up the top of her stress as it is sliding down, men randomly strip off - the list goes on! I just hope that young viewers do not take inspiration from this film - it definitely isn't a film for them to look up to. Even though the film is inappropriate, sometimes they don't go too far and it is incredibly funny - for example, when the family they get in the car with stop to 'stretch their legs' but actually rob a bank is quite funny!

However, there are many funny moments too that help bring the charm to the film. My favourite character who I found particularly funny was Bob - he was so adorable but also so funny! I liked how he claimed a rat as his pet - this made me laugh! I also found it funny when Stuart was enlarged and when he smoke, it was like a microphone echo. Minions also attempts to make fun of typical British things such as tea, the rain, the Queen etc - this isn't offensive, but as a British viewer it is just a bit annoying to see such ridiculous stereotypes broadcasted to the whole World. 

Minions is also animated very well - I really like the style of Illumination Entertainment films - I find them very bright and colourful. There also wasn't really a dislikable character in the film which suggests they have all been written well. I really appreciated that the film ties in with the other 2 films - look out for Gru! 

Finally, the voice cast did an excellent job here! Sandra Bullock has played a character that she will be known for for a long time - Scarlet Overkill was fantastic! A great villain! Pierre Coffin voiced all of the Minions brilliantly too! 

Minions is a satisfying entry into the Despicable Me franchise - even though the story feels rushed, it is still of a good standard. The movie is extremely inappropriate for young viewers at times but the Minions are still as loveable as ever! Scarlet Overkill is definitely no Gru but Sandra Bullock does a fantastic job! Minions are literally taking over the World!


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