UK Box Office July 3-5: MINIONS Wins Again, TERMINATOR is Back & MAGIC MIKE is Stripped Off by Competition

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Last weeks winner Minions topped the box office for a second week in a row.  Also opening in the top 5 was Terminator: Genisys ($5.9 million/2nd), Magic Mike XXL ($2.4 million/4th) & Amy ($800K/5th).

Also opening in the top 10 was the National Opera which entered at number 8.

Here is the top 10:
1. Minions - $9.64 million - Week 2 - Down 47% - Total: $32.40 million
2. Terminator: Genisys - $5.86 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $5.86 million
3. Jurassic World - $4.03 million - Week 4 - Down 56% - Total: $82.96 million
4. Magic Mike XXL - $2.43 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $2.43 million
5. Amy - $807,638 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $807,638
6. Spy - $470,485 - Week 5 - Down 53% - Total: $14.31 million
7. Secret Cinema: Empire Strikes Back - $452,993 - Week 5 - Up 4% - Total: $2.77 million
8. Royal Opera - $177,124 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $177,124
9. Mr Holmes - $175,543 - Week 3 - Down 72% - Total: $3.20 million
10. Knock Knock - $102,877 - Week 2 - Down 74% - Total: $727,810

The top 10 made $24.14 million this week. This is down 22% on last weekend but is up 142.68% on the same time frame last year.

Minions continued to perform strongly in the UK and dropped a steady 47%. This is a good hold, especially for a summer movie that has not been released during the school holidays. This is actually a much stronger hold than Despicable Me 2 which saw a 73.6% drop in its second weekend. Minions took in $9.64 million which brings its new total to $32.40 million. With little animated competition for a couple of weeks, Minions is on track to surpass around $60 million.

The highest new entry this week was Terminator: Genisys which debuted in second place. The film took in $5.86 million. This is lower than Salvation, Rise of the Machines & Judgement Day. This is not a good start for a film that was originally expected to perform solidly. With awful reviews, not so good word of mouth (average B+ on CinemaScore), Genisys may not break the $30 million mark which the other Terminator films have managed to do. Expect Terminator to drop off fast and close with around $15-20 million.

Dropping its steepest drop yet was Jurassic World. The movie dropped 56% in its 4th weekend which would have stereotypically happened on its 2nd weekend (which didn't occur). This drop could be down to competition in the action genre from Terminator. However, as word of mouth for Terminator spreads, expect Jurassic World to see a lighter drop next weekend. I predict that Jurassic World still has a chance at hitting $90 million in the UK.

The second highest new entry this week was Magic Mike XXL which opened in 4th. The Channing Tatum led movie opened with a solid $2.43 million - even though this is slightly lower than expected, it is still a modest opening when you take into account the films mere $15 million budget. However, this is around half as much as the first movie made on its opening weekend - that movie went on to make $13 million in the UK. I believe that Magic Mike XXL has had slightly weaker reviews than the first but slightly stronger word of mouth which could lead to this film having a shot at reaching $8-10 million in the UK.

Closing out the top 5 this week was Amy. The documentary took in $808K this weekend which is quite impressive considering it didn't have an extremely wide release. The film would also have quite a niche appeal to fans of Amy so this is a great start! I would like to assume that the critical acclaim will lead to this holding well and it may near towards the $3 million mark.

6. Spy - A steeper drop for the Melissa McCarthy comedy but still performing well - it takes on Ted 2 Next Week! Prediction: $15.2-16.9 million

7. Empire Strikes Back - drops 2 places but increases by 4% - this could be in the chart for a very long time! Prediction: $3-4 million

8. Royal Opera - a nice debut. Prediction: Was a one time only event so will not be in the top 10 again.

9. Mr Holmes - a shockingly steep drop for the critically acclaimed drama. Prediction: $3.9-4.9 million

10. Knock Knock - surprisingly surviving a second week in the top 10 but unsurprisingly dropping the traditional horror 70%. Prediction: $0.9-1.5 million.

Source: Rentrak

Look out for TED 2 Next Weekend!

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