Krampus (2015) - Trailer Review

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Krampus is an upcoming 2015 release and is the first Christmas themed horror film in a very long time. The film is directed by Michael Dougherty (Superman Returns, X-Men 2) and stars Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, Step Brothers), Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine) and Allison Tolman (The Gift, Fargo). Here is the films synopsis: "A boy who has a bad Christmas ends up summoning a Christmas demon to his family home". Is there a reason why studios rarely make Christmas themed horror movies? Krampus hits cinemas 4th December. 

What I Like:
  • Even though it is extremely difficult for any horror movie to be unique, I think it is a breath of fresh air for the genre - move over Halloween, hello Christmas!
  • There seems to be some comedic elements that most Christmas movies include - builds it up to be a stereotypical Christmas movie and then BAM, its a horror movie
  • The Christmas music helps to add to the eery atmosphere due to the juxtaposition 
  • The slogans 'he sees you when you're sleeping' etc' work very well for this type of film when taken out of their Christmas song context
  • The film does seem to be very creepy
  • From this trailer, it does seem like this film will be able to compete with this years horror movies - it doesn't feel out of place despite its theming
  • The performances actually look pretty strong which is unusual for a horror film
  • The film may help parents to convince their children to be good - they don't want to be visited by Krampus do they?
What I Don't Like:
  • The way Krampus is summoned seems a little hard to believe - a ripped letter
  • None of the attempted jump scares actually worked for me so it worries me that the whole film could be like this
  • One of the jump scares seems to just be a bat which is a classic example of a misused/unneeded jump scare
  • The scare factor seems to be a scary version of a reindeer and little trolls - not that scary if you ask me - seems a little tame for a horror movie
  • The actual name and logo for the film is a little tacky and doesn't really suggest 'horror movie'
Overall, I think this is a pretty mediocre trailer. Yes, I love the concept and how we are finally getting another Christmas horror movie but I feel that this is quite a tame one. Ok, that is probably the best move financially as Christmas is a family time but with horror movies, you've either got to go hard or go home. I don't really feel that this is going to be that scary - maybe similar to 'The Hole'? However, this will definitely stand out in the over saturated horror movie market. 

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