The Big Short (2015) - Trailer Review

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The Big Short is directed by Adam McKay (Step Brothers, Anchorman) and stars Brad Pitt (World War Z, Fight Club) , Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, American Hustle) , Ryan Gosling (Drive, Only God Forgives) , Steve Carell (Foxcatcher, The Office) and a very small role from Selena Gomez (Spring Breakers, Rudderless). "Four outsiders in the world of high-finance who predicted the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000's decide to take on the big banks for their lack of foresight and greed". The Big Short is like Moneyball meets American Hustle - will it meet the quality of those films? The Big Short hits US Cinemas 23rd December 2015 and UK Cinemas 22nd January 2016. 

Shot by Shot Analysis
0:10 - the bouncing of the ball is in sync with the music which is a technique I like in trailers as it helps to create energy and an atmosphere
0:16 - don't you think that wig looks fantastic?
0:23 - the trailer does seem to be very sound based so far as rhythm is created through everyday activities such as typing
0:35 - the first joke of the trailer lands very well - this is where I get vibes of American Hustle as that film was very funny but was also taken very seriously
0:38 - and there is our link to Moneyball - not only does this trailer have vibes of that film, it is from the same author! Also, as it is from the author of that and 'The Blind Side' - it suggests that this is definitely an awards contender
0:46 - welcome Carell, Gosling and Pitt! 
0:55 - this also gives me vines of The Wolf of Wall Street - it is like a group of men rather than just one 
1:20 - this is when the plot of the film is outlined clearly - the characters are going to rebel against the banks. This is quite an interesting plot. 
1:23 - and here we have Selena Gomez's hand! I really hope she manages to steal this scene she is in! 
1:31 - Steve Carell has got himself into a habit of choosing characters where he looks different physically - Foxcatcher and now he desperately trying for an Oscar win?
1:33 -  I really like these tag lines, I think the use of triples of 3 are effective and it really entices you to want to know why the story is so shocking, powerful and unbelievable. 
1:39 - to top those tag lines off, the story becomes true which really suggests that everyone likes to watch a good scandal and loves a gossip - why would they use this technique otherwise?
1:50 - this is when they start to roll out their impressive cast - this cast is basically made up of B+ actors and then Brad Pitt so it should be a good watch! However, films are starting to rely too heavily on acting and forget about story - this trailer does seem to have less focus on story then it does its characters
1:55 - they definitely want to turn Academy Award Nominee into Academy Award Winner for at least one of these actors
2:02 - building on the success of Whiplash are we?

Overall, I quite like this trailer - even though it definitely needs more Selena (slight bias), I think the trailer is quite fast paced and really introduces you to the characters. This is definitely needed as the movie may feel a little crowded due to such a large cast so having the audience familiar with the characters from the get go is a major plus. However, even though it is briefly mentioned, I think the story for the film could have been explained a little better - I know this is only the films first trailer but it is scheduled for release in December which means there isn't too much time to release any more marketing material. The film does seem to be a borrower of lots of other critically acclaimed films - nods to Whiplash, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Blind Side, American Hustle and Moneyball are all made here. Hopefully, The Big Short will be able to join that list. 

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