UK Box Office September 25-27: EVEREST Stays at the Peak, MISS YOU ALREADY Misses Top Spot

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Staying at number 1 for a second week was Everest. The film managed to stay at the peak by just sliding very slightly. Miss You Already wasn't a huge hit but wasn't a big miss either - the film opened where it needed to - number 4.

Also opening in the top 10 was Solace (6th) and Pixels reentered the chart at number 9.

Here is the top 10:

1. Everest - $3.03 million - Week 2 - Down 38% - Total: $10.35 million
2. Legend - $2.75 million - Week 3 - Down 27% - Total: $20.12 million
3. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - $1.74 million - Week 3 - Down 25% - Total: $10.49 million
4. Miss You Already - $738,362 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $738,362
5. Inside Out - $641,457 - Week 10 - Down 5% - Total: $57.44 million
6. Solace - $516,041 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $516,041
7. The Visit - $471,263 - Week 3 - Down 37% - Total: $3.89 million
8. Empire Strikes Back - $446,795 - Week 17 - Up 3% - Total: $9.57 million
9. Pixels - $248,115 - Week 7 - RE-ENTRY - Total: $12.63 million
10. Bill - $241,909 - Week 2 - Down 29% - Total: $677,101

The top 10 made approximately $10.82 million this weekend which is down 24.4% on last weekend and is also down 16.85% on the same time frame last year which saw solid $3 million+ openings from Billy Elliot Live and The Equalizer.

Ok, so when Everest topped the UK Box Office last weekend I was a little surprised but it went a did it again! The film slid a light 38% and took in $3.03 million - this is great for a film that didn't really have much promotion. Everest has had solid reviews - 72% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and 77% audience approval. This could explain why the film has had such solid holds so far. The film has currently made $10.35 million and is on track to close with north of $15 million by the end of its run.

Sticking at second place this weekend was Legend. The Tom Hardy flick dropped an extremely light 27% which is much better compared to last weekends 50%+ drop. The film has had middling reviews - 59% approval on Rotten Tomatoes but has superb audience approval - 97%. However, the film is yet to open in the US so these figures are likely to change when it does. Legend took in $2.75 million this weekend which brings its new total to $20.12 million - if you had asked me before this was released whether it would have done this well, I would have said no - Legend has done remarkably and if it continues to hold well. It could settle between $25-30 million. Gone Girl (another 18) was released at a similar time frame last year so maybe 18s work well in September?

Holding onto third place this weekend is Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. The sequel took in $1.74 million which is down a very light 25% - this hold is very strong and is in line with the first films superb holds. So far, The Scorch Trials has made $10.49 million which means it will definitely cross Divergent and possibly Insurgent. It is actually very possible that this film will pass the first film. Expect The Scorch Trials to close with $13-15 million.

Even though the title of this post suggests this film did horribly, Miss You Already actually got the position it needed to get. For a drama with little promotion, within the top 5 is fantastic - this is higher than the debuts of similar films such as The Age of Adaline. Miss You Already does have star power which could explain why it took in $738,000 this weekend. If the film has reasonably solid drops which is likely with middling reviews but positive word of mouth then the film could go on to make $2 million or more in the UK.

Staying in the top 5 after 10 weeks of release is Inside Out. The critically acclaimed animation took in $641K which is down just 5% on last weekend - this hold is absolutely incredible considering how long the film has been in release. The film has so far made $57.42 million in the UK and still has a chance at reaching $60 million before the end of its UK run.

6. Solace - where did this film come from? No marketing but a solid debut! Prediction: $1-2 million.

7. The Visit - a very strong 37% hold for the horror flick and its fresh again on Rotten Tomatoes!. Prediction: $4-5 million.

8. Empire Strikes Back - Secret Cinema sees ANOTHER increase. However, the last showing was this past weekend so is it goodbye?  Prediction: $9.5-10 million.

9. Pixels - The video game movie is back! Despite the hate from critics! Prediction: $12.8-13.2 million.

10. Bill -  Horrible Histories cracks the top 10 and manages to keep their spot! Prediction: $0.9-1.2 million.

Source: Rentrak

Look out for THE MARTIAN next weekend!

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