Deadpool (2016)

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Bad Ass. Smart Ass. Great Ass.

Deadpool is the directorial debut from Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, The Voices), Morena Baccarin (V, Gotham) and Ed Skrein (The Transporter Refueled, Ill Manors). "A former Special Forces operative turned mercenary is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopting the alter ego Deadpool". Deadpool has had one of the greatest marketing campaigns in recent years, can the film live up to the hype it has created for itself?

I was always excited for Deadpool since the first trailer - it was very effective. Since, the marketing has all been very good and credit has to go to the team behind it as it has created such a hype for a film that may have not been as anticipated without it. However, the first reviews came in and they were generally positive but quite a few were very mixed which made me a little worried. My expectations for the film were lowered slightly going in and I didn't know whether I was about to be throughly entertained or extremely disappointed....

I was throughly entertained - this was a fantastic film from start to finish. The thing that makes Deadpool different is that it breaks the 4th wall so many times and so well - it isn't annoying at all. If anything, it just adds to the humour. The opening credits for this film were like nothing I have seen before - make sure you actually read them as it is hilarious - I am not going to spoil this for you as it was a refreshing and enjoyable way to see the opening credits done. The 4th wall breaking was done very well - every time made me at least giggle and it just made the film very fun as you were aware that at any moment, all of this could just be paused. The self-refereeing within the dialogue was also very good - like Deadpool talking about Ryan Reynolds or the whole idea of the film kicking off a new franchise. It was also funny seeing some Green Lantern nods - the film was just very very good. All of this added to the comedy and helped the film stand out against other superhero films today. The film was also very very funny in general - just the mannerisms of Deadpool were hilarious! I also was a little wary that the film's humour was going to be overly crude (e.g. Dirty Grandpa) but it did use those jokes but I didn't think they were overused to the point they became unfunny. Deadpool was an extremely entertaining film.

The action was also very good in the film - there wasn't too many action scenes - there were only a few but they were quite long. I thought the battles added to the humour and my favourite part was when Deadpool spelt out the villains name with the bodies of the people he just killed - I know that sounds dark but it was a running joke throughout the film and it just made the battle scene even better. I also liked how it followed in Ant-Man's footsteps - there was no threat to the world, it was quite a small scoped film - this is another thing we don't really see in superhero films. I loved the reference to 127 hours as well - this was very good!

So Deadpool does violence and comedy really well - but it also is probably the best romance film to see this Valentine's Day - the romance is actually very good and amy just be the best romance I have seen in this type of film. I thought their chemistry was very believable and I liked how the characters took turns saving each other - there wasn't just a damsel in distress. The romance was just done very well with good dialogue which is refreshing as romantic dialogue these days is just becoming very unoriginal. Deadpool was also a very emotional romance with some very touching scenes (can be read either way) but a key theme was Cancer and I actually think this was handled really well and after a really well done montage sequence, I did feel really emotional once Deadpool found out he had cancer. 

What I really liked about the plot of the film is that it kind of had simultaneous stories going on - the origin story of Deadpool and his revenge story. I thought this was really well done - even the editing between the moments flowed really well. The story for the film was a romance meets a revenge story and it was one well. Deadpool's origin was also really interesting to see - I think he may have the most interesting origin story out of any of the superheros. I also liked how the film tied Deadpool really nicely with the X-Men movies - it was weird to see the X-Men HQ in this movie and I loved when Deadpool said it seemed like there wasn't enough in the budget to get another X-Men. The story for Deadpool may be small scoped but it is still fun to watch - you find out about the past and current problems of the character. 

Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool and he does an absolutely fantastic job - this will become the role he is known for for the rest of his career. He was quick, smart, sassy, hilarious and he just really got into the character. Deadpool could be the type of character that could become annoying but there was something about Reynold's performance that made you like a character that could be so easily unlikeable. I just worry how Deadpool will deal with losing the attention if he was to join the X-Men. All of the other performances were strong as well - Ed Skrein was a good villain and I thought Morena Baccarin was also very good. Another funny moment that has come to find is when Gina Carano does her superhero landing - this was hilarious. Oh and Stan Lee's cameo is fantastic!

I will touch quickly on the music in the film - it was very well picked and the film really suited its score. I always think music can be very important to a film and Deadpool got everything right with its music. 

Also, make sure you stay in your seats till the very end as the post-credit scene is very funny. It's not your typical post-credit scene but you do get some pretty cool information. 

Deadpool lives up to the hype! The only way to describe it is thoroughly enjoyable and would still be effective after repeat viewings. Ryan Reynolds is fantastic and I think he has just hit a career high with this movie. The film is hilarious, violent, action packed and romantic  - who thought a superhero film would be able to be successful at so many things? Deadpool won't just blend in either - with its 4th wall breaking, crude humour, extreme violence and a small scoped story - it will definitely be remembered as a film that challenges conventions. Deadpool has really gave life to a new franchise. It may not be a cinematic masterpiece but it succeeds where many have failed. I've said it lots and I'll say it again - THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINING.


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