UK Box Office January 29-31: THE REVENANT Stays On Top, DIRTY GRANDPA Cleans Up

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The Revenant spent a third week on top of the UK box office with another solid hold. Dirty Grandpa did pretty solid business, taking second place with just shy of $3 million. Spotlight was also able to crack the top 5, opening in 5th with a strong $1.5 million. 

Capture The Flag opened in 7th with $1.1 million - weak taking into account that this includes a weekend of previews. The Met Opera 2016 took 10th place with $540,000.

Here are the top 10 films this week:

1. The Revenant - $3.28 million - Week 3 - Down 41% - Total: $23.17 million
2. Dirty Grandpa - $2.95 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $2.95 million
3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - $1.93 million - Week 7 - Down 33% - Total: $171.95 million
4. Ride Along 2 - $1.89 million - Week 2 - Down 39% - Total: $6.05 million
5. Spotlight - $1.53 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $1.53 million
6. The Big Short - $1.38 million - Week 2 - Down 26% - Total: $4.36 million
7. Capture The Flag - $1.12 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $1.12 million
8. Daddy's Home - $865,651 - Week 6 - Down 40% - Total: $23.54 million
9. Creed - $837,882 - Week 3 - Down 52% - Total: $7.64 million
10. Met Opera 2016 - $541,229 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $541,229

The top 10 made approximately $16.32 million million this weekend which is down 16.6% on last weekend and is down 23% on the same time frame last year which saw strong $6 million+ openings from Big Hero 6 and Kingsman: The Secret Service. It looks like no film company tried to get similar success from films in 2016 - I suppose Capture The Flag is no Big Hero 6 though. 

The Revenant has a third week at number 1 this weekend, taking in $3.28 million which is down a pretty light 41%. The Revenant has now made $23.17 million in the UK and is just carrying on its surprisingly strong run. The Revenant will continue to go on solidly until the Oscars at the end of February - end BAFTA wins during mid-February will also be helpful. The film doesn't really have any major competition until Deadpool in a couple of weeks but I do predict that Goosebumps will take the top spot next weekend. I am running out of things to say about The Revenant - it's run is impressive and I think it can easily make $30 million by the end of its UK run. In other news, The Revenant has actually become a profit-making film now so I suppose it wasn't a bad decision to have all of those re-shoots!

The highest debut this weekend came from Dirty Grandpa. The Zac Efron/Robert De Niro comedy opened with a very strong $2.95 million. This is only slightly below Ride Along 2's opening from last weekend and that was an existing franchise! Dirty Grandpa has done a really good job to have such a strong debut for an original property. It is important to note that the film has been slated by critics with just 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. Dirty Grandpa was also having previews since Monday last week so expect the film to see a sharp drop next week. This debut is around double of 2014s 'That Awkward Moment' and is way higher than 2015s 'The Intern' - if Dirty Grandpa holds strongly, it will end up being a solid hit! However, I do for-see a steep drop next week so I think $9 million is slightly unreachable, maybe $6.5-7.5 million is more likely?

Staying in the top 3 for a seventh week in a row is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film took in $1.93 million this weekend which is down just 33% on last weekend. The Force Awakens has so far made $171.95 million in the UK, extending its record run as the weeks go on. The Force Awakens probably has at least another month left in the top 10 and I think $180-190 million is a realistic closing point. However, I think the film will drop off a little quicker once Deadpool hits. 

Surprisingly only dropping a light 39% in its second weekend, Ride Along 2 takes 4th place. The film took in $1.89 million which brings its UK total to $6.05 million. The original made $6.9 million in the UK back in 2014 so it is likely that Ride Along 2 will pass that films total by this time next week. This second week drop is also slightly stronger than the first films (-42%) - it will probably perform similarly to the first films throughout its run which suggests a 50% drop could be on the cards next week. It is also surprising that Ride Along 2 didn't suffer since Dirty Grandpa (similar audience) was also released. However, Ride Along 2 was a 12A whereas Dirty Grandpa is a 15 which means that those under 15 will likely pick Ride Along 2 as their comedy film choice. Ride Along 2 could end up with $9 million if it continues to hold well but I think $7.5-9 million is a more realistic closing range. 

Spotlight opened in 5th place which is an incredible start. The film had a relatively limited release - it isn't playing anywhere near me. Spotlight still managed to take in $1.53 million - this is good for an awards contender and suggests that the buzz for this film has paid off. Like The Big Short and The Revenant, Spotlight will likely continue to hold well up until the Oscars at the end of the month - Spotlight is a contender for Best Picture so it is likely that people will be interested in seeing it. I think Spotlight could easily close with around $5 million - it is probably the last awards contender to be released so it may benefit from this. 

6. The Big Short - The big awards contender saw the strongest hold within the top 10, just a 26% drop. Prediction: $6.2-8 million.

7. Capture The Flag - Despite a weekend of previews, this was a rare animated film that wasn't able to find an audience. Prediction: $3-3.5 million.

8. Daddy's Home - The surprise hit continues to see respectable holds in its 6th weekend of release. Prediction: $25.5-27 million.

9. Creed - This films disappointment run continues seeing the worst hold within the top 10 this week. Prediction: $8.2-9.5 million.

10. Met Opera 2016

Source: Rentrak

Look Out for GOOSEBUMPS Next Weekend! 

See You Soon!

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