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So I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Hotel Transylvania 2 on Blu-Ray before its release. I thought I would review the bonus features the Blu-Ray comes with. If you are looking for a review of the actual film, you can read that here - 

In this post, I will give my thoughts on all of the bonus features that are included with the Blu-Ray release.

Sing Along with Monster Scary-Oke! - This bonus feature is definitely targeted at a very young audience and will be most effective with them. All of the songs are just spins on famous nursery rhymes - Hush Little Monster, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, Vlady Had A Little Drac. However, the changing of the lyrics is quite clever and it works quite well. I don't recommend using this bonus feature though if you are over the age of 5.

How To Throw The Ultimate Monster Party - I was actually really impressed by this bonus feature - all of the items would actually work well at any Halloween party - not just one for children. I liked the bat garland and thought it was a good DIY halloween decoration. The Frankenstein punch was also good and I could see myself using both the bat garland and frankenstein punch if I was ever to throw a Halloween party. The Mini Kakie Cakes weren't as good as the other two - this is because it is mainly about cake decorating rather than baking. This was kind of cheating and the end result didn't immediately remind you of Hotel Transylvania 2 - it was quite a loose connection. I don't know if I would serve these at a Halloween party. Overall though, I was really impressed with this bonus feature and will probably use it for future reference.

I'm in Love With A Monster - Fifth Harmony - I'm not a big fan of the song as I find it quite repetitive and annoying but I think the music video is very good. The setting and the costumes are very well suited to the film. Even though I don't like the song on its own, I do like it in the scenes it is used in the film. I think Fifth Harmony put a lot of effort into this song and video - usually, if a recording artist does a song for a film, it is usually quite low budget and not that great but these girls really have done a good job. There is choreography which is good and I love the moments where they are walking through corridor. I also thought the people who are dressed as zombies and werewolves are really good and I just think this song could easily become a Halloween anthem - even though it hasn't achieved any commercial success as of yet.

Deleted Scenes 
Hotel T Commercial - I am pleased this wasn't included in the film. It is an alternative opening but I just think it doesn't set the film off as well as the wedding.
She's Home - I am also pleased this wasn't the opening for the film -  it just doesn't start the story off very nicely. I am a big fan of the current opening so I am pleased this wasn't used.
Making The Hotel Safe - I don't really see the point in this scene so I am pleased it wasn't included. It would have just been too many short scenes glued together and I think the Hotel Transylvania films can do this but I think they do it in a particular way and this looks like it would have been odd.
The Crew Lands in Jail - This scene would have made the film a little too dark. I am happy with the way Mavis finds out about Dracula and Dennis' 'flying' fiasco via social media rather than via them being in jail. The new choice was much smarter.
Raising the Dead - I think this scene actually turned out quite funny - it was one of them jokes that works really well in this series. However, at the beginning, it makes Dennis seem a bit obsessed with the bad side which isn't really like his character.
Flashback to Drac's Camp - This is probably my favourite deleted scene so far. I think it would have worked really well in the film.
Meet Dad - This scene probably would have worked well but it would have made the film a little darker and I think the film works well the way it is. I also think the outcome of this scene was done much better in the actual film. I actually think this would of make the film quite scary and dark and not as kid friendly. The scene would have also extended the film by over 5 minutes and I think the films length works well as it is.

The deleted scenes in general are mostly alternative scenes and I pleased that the film turned out the way it was as I don't think these scenes work as well. However, it is interesting to see the different visions the team were having and how the actual film turned out.

Make The Scary And Silly Sounds of HT2 - I really liked this bonus feature - It was really clever and gave a good insight into how different sounds are made. I thought this one is more than just for kids but for film enthusiasts.

The New Guys - This feature gave a really good look at how the new characters were developed. It was cool to see what parts of Mavis and Johnny was used to make Dennis. I also thought the elbow-reflexes were interesting and the animation of Mel Brooks' character and how he never moves fast. This feature was just very interesting and will appeal to most.

How To Draw Your Favourite Characters - This is another very child-targeted feature that will keep them busy and they will enjoy. However, older fans of the films may also be interested in this as they may want to create their own Hotel Transylvania art.

The bonus features for this film on the Blu-Ray are generally pretty good. It took me over an hour to get through the ones mentioned and I haven't even watched everything (the commentaries). A lot of the features are targeted at children and give them activities to do to keep them busy - drawing, party planning, making sounds and singing. The film may be just over 80 minutes, but your children could be busy for a whole afternoon if you bought this blu-ray. If you are a family household, I would recommend this but if you are not, I would just go with the DVD or digital copy.  I think this would be a great activity session for during half term!

Film - 4/5
Bonus Features - For Children: 4.5/5, For Everyone: 2/5

Hotel Transylvania 2 is On Digital HD February 8th.
Hotel Transylvania 2 is available on Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, DVD and Blu-Ray Steelbook on February 15th. 

See You Soon!

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  1. I still haven't gotten around to see this movie. I loved the first one, and I will definitely watch the second one too. It was a good read, I think I'll get it on blu ray when sales come at some point :D

    - LS