Jennifer's Body (2009)

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Directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight), comedy and horror flick Jennifer's Body stars Megan Fox (Transformers) and Amanda Seyfried (Red Riding Hood) as a newly made vampire (Jennifer) and her best friend (Needy) (who is mortal). Needy starts to find out about Jennifer's vampire ways and notices that lots of their male classmates are starting to go missing - can Needy put an end to Jennifer's possessed ways?

This film is dumb and fun. It is nothing special and ticks off a lot of Hollywood cliches . However, I couldn't stop myself from laughing at certain parts of the film - it was actually funny! Even though I will probably forget about this film in a month or so, I had a good time whilst watching it. The concept is stupid but once you get over that, you can enjoy the movie a lot more easily. 

Both of the leading actresses don't really have many credible and acclaimed movies (even if Fox is more hated than Seyfried). I like both of these actresses in general and I believe that Fox is extremely underrated (even though she's not an amazing actress) as there are actresses out there that are a lot worse compared to her. I believe that Fox actually suits this role and plays it well. Seyfried doesn't really surprise and performs just like she has in past films - she doesn't stretch herself. One point I want to get clear though is that these actresses were not bad in this movie and led it strongly. There is many scenes where Seyfried impresses. The most memorable scene of the whole movie is between this 2 females when Fox starts to flirt with Seyfried and a 'girl-on-girl' scene begins. They both look completely comfortable and not awkward which is quite impressive!

Jennifer's Body also has some slight editing choices that I wouldn't have chosen myself. There is a scene at the start of the film where Needy is listening in on a conversation and the way that part is edited does come across as quite cheap. There is also a sexual scene in the film that is edited strangely as it makes you feel quite confused. One thing about this film is that it does feel cheap. It doesn't feel of a top quality - the direction isn't great, the special effects aren't fantastic - the only thing selling this film are the actresses and the plot. 

This is probably the best 'corror' or 'homedy' film that I have seen (the only others are the Scary Movie franchise). Even though the fear and scares are lost as the film goes on, there are some scenes at the start of the film that may you feel quite scared and tense. The comedy is there throughout the film and I did laugh at some points. 

However, the biggest issue I have with this film is its title. I do not understand how Jennifer's Body relates to the film (expect for distance connotations). I may have not pulled the name apart enough to understand this, but I believe something a lot more catchy and suitable could of been used (e.g. Boy Killer). 

This film is gruesome. This film has some scares. This film has many laughs. However, even though those 3 things work, there are many flaws like poor editing, poor special effects, a bad name and a it has a cheap look. I'd check this film out if you want a bit of light fun (only if you're over 15 though ;) ). Twilight . Full Moon. Half Moon. 


Fun Fact: I actually got this film for free from 2 boxes of Pringles! If they are still doing this offer, I'd advise you to take them up on it as there are a variety of films to choose from!

Remember to comment below what your opinions are of Jennifer's Body! Do you think the name is suitable? What films would you like me to review next?

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Jennifer's Body
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