UK Box Office January 23-25: AMERICAN SNIPER Tackles TAKEN 3, MORTDECAI Bombs

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American Sniper took the crown this weekend whilst Taken 3 fell to second place. Sniper made $3.81 million this weekend. The film took the top spot in the UK as well as in the US.

All debuts were pretty weak. The best was Ex Machina which made $1.64 million. However, both Mortdecai and The Gambler both bombed pretty hard with under $730K each. 

The Top 10 made $16.13 million this weekend. This is the worst weekend of the year so far. However, this number is acceptable as there were no major new releases. This is down 23% on last weekend and is down 17% on the same time frame of last year.

American Sniper took 1st place this weekend and dropped just 0.7%. This is a fantastic hold. The film has now made over $9.9 million over 2 weeks and could close with around $20 million. With around a month before the Oscars, American Sniper should hold very well over the coming weeks.

Taken 3 slipped to second place this weekend. The movie made $2.71 million which is down 45.7% to last weekend. This is quite a steep drop but is similar to Taken 2's 39.8% drop on its 3rd week. Taken 3 has now made over $22.7 million and just end up with around $25-28 million. The hype for this film seems to be falling so the drops should be steeper and steeper as the weeks go by.

The Theory of Everything held on to 3rd place this weekend. The movie dropped just 32.4% and took in $2.38 million. This is a fantastic hold for a British movie. 'Everything' has made over $22.1 million and is on track to close north of $25 million. 

Into The Woods also held its place at #4. The film dropped 33.3% and made $2.02 million this weekend. The film has now made over $10.9 million and should close with around $15 million. 

Ex Machina had the biggest debut this weekend. Playing at over 440 cinemas, Machina should have made a lot more. The film took in $1.64 million which is disappointing. However with raving reviews, Machina is likely to have strong word-of-mouth and may close with over $5 million. 

Paddington slipped to 6th place this weekend. The movie dropped 21.5% and made $1.12 million. Paddington has now made over $52.4 million. Paddington could reach $54-56 million. Paddington is now the 5th biggest film of 2014 in the UK market. 

At number 7, Johnny Depp's Mortdecai flopped globally this weekend. The week American opening was reflected in the UK this week. The film failed to make a million and ended up with just $727K. With devastating reviews, Mortdecai will fall off quick. It may reach the $1 million mark but no further. 

Another weak opening came from The Gambler this weekend which debuted at number 8. The film made just $572K. However, this isn't as disappointing as Mortdecai as this films marketing campaign was a lot weaker. The Gambler has received terrible reviews and made it to the top of some critics 'Worst of 2014' lists...expect this to be outside of the top 15 next week. $1 million is a very far stretch for this film.

Birdman slipped one place this weekend to 9th. The film dropped just 31.8% and took in $570K. The film has now made over $7 million in the UK which is fantastic for such a low budget movie. $8 million is still in sight for this awards favourite. 

Rounding out the top 10 is Whiplash. This film dropped just 35% this weekend and made $565K. This is fantastic for a film that received basically no promotion in the UK. The film has now made over $1.9 million in the UK and will close with above 2 million. 

Look out for BIG HERO 6 next weekend!

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Source Used: Box Office Mojo

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