UK Box Office January 9-11: TAKEN 3 Shoots Down INTO THE WOODS

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Like in the US, Taken 3 did solid business across the pond this weekend. The final instalment opened to $10.2 million this weekend.

Disney's Musical Into the Woods disappointed and the critically acclaimed Foxcatcher made a reasonable amount.

The Top 10 made $27.32 million. That is up approximately 22% on the same weekend frame last year.

Taken 3's $10.18 million UK debut is slightly lower than Taken 2's $11.91 million. That is down 15%. This is a great hold for a movie that has terrible reviews (around 10% on Rotten Tomatoes). However, audiences give the movie B+ on cinema score which could suggest that word of mouth could be slightly more positive than what critics think. Taken 2 made $37.83 million at the end of its UK run. If Taken 3 performs similarly, it could total up with above $32 million. This debut is also well above Neeson's 2014 flick: Non-Stop which opened to $4.44 million.

In a distant second place, Into the Woods opened to a disappointing $3.76 million. That is well below fellow musical Les Miserables' $13.12 million and Disney hit Maleficent's $11.04 million. Reviews are solid for this film (around 70% on Rotten Tomatoes) and CinemaScore users give the film a solid B. With Oscar Nominations coming up, Into The Woods should hold well. Expect the film to end up with around $10-15 million.

A close third place came from last weeks ruler, The Theory of Everything. The drama made $3.73 million this weekend. The film has now earned over $12 million in the UK. With Oscar nominations being announced soon, expect this to hold well and wind up with over $20 million.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies fell 2 stops to number 4. This is a steep 61.1% drop. The film made $1.94 million. It has now earned over $59 million in the UK over 5 weeks. The film has the potential to reach $65-70 million.

Paddington fell 55.7% and made $1.92 million. The film should start to fall off soon as the festive season is over - less families visiting the cinema. Paddington has made over $49 million which is impressive for a British film and should reach around $55 million by the end of its run.

Foxcatcher debuted at number 6 with $1.33 million. This is very good considering the film only opened to just over 330 cinemas (the top 5 were all shown at over 470 cinemas). Foxcatcher should hold well with Oscar nominations being revealed this week. If the film bags a few, it could reach $10 million.

The Woman in Black 2 fell 65.9% and made $1.27 million. This is a very steep drop - its not that surprising considering the awful reviews and the bad word of mouth. January is also not a very ideal time for horror films. This is very bad in comparison to the first Woman in Black which increased by 11.6% on its second week. The film has made over $6 million in the would be very surprising if it was to reach $10 million.

Birdman dropped 46.4% and made $1.25 million. The film has made over $4.5 million in the UK. Even though the film has excellent reviews and could land a few Oscar nominations, it is unlikely that this film will earn $10 million or more.

Night at the Museum 3 also fell a steep 63%. The film made $980K. The movie has earned over $16 million in the UK. It is unlikely that the film will beat Night at the Museum 2's $32.83 million. NATM3 should wind up with around $18 million.

Rounding out the top 10 is Annie. The film fell 53.9% and made $950K. It has earned over $9 million in the UK and will definitely reach over $10 million before the end of its run.

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Source Used: Box Office Mojo

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