Ant-Man: First Thoughts Based on Trailer

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On the 6th January 2015, The official Ant-Man Teaser Trailer was released. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it on this post by clicking on the video that is on the right hand side of this post.

So the first thing is that I am very intrigued. I felt the same when I first watched the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. This could suggest that Ant-Man will be a big surprise of 2015. Guardians of the Galaxy gave the impression that Marvel can pull anything off so Ant-Man should be a success.

The trailer is quite gripping at the start when a voice says 'I have been watching you for a while now', this makes me quite excited to see how the trailer unfolds. From this point onwards, the same voice starts saying some very cheesy things like 'second chances don't come around very often' which could suggest that this film is going to be very cliche and unoriginal. However, I don't think that this will be the case due to it being a Marvel film and the fact that the story is about a superhero that can be the size of an ant. The trailer also gives the impression that the film is going to be quite family orientated and heart felt (A lot like Guardians of the Galaxy). However, I do believe the concept of 'Ant Man' is quite risky as it is quite unusual, far fetched and unheard of - even if Marvel could pull off Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney could pull off Big Hero 6 (both not very popular comics but

successful films). The special effects also look that they are going to be as impressive as always. This will be quite a stretch for Marvel as they have never done small, they've always done human-sized (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America) and giant sized (The Hulk). I do think that the ant being 'Ant-Mans' vehicle is suitable but quite strange and maybe a tad childish- could this lead the film appealing to children more than adults? The film also looks like it is going to be quite comedic.

Overall, I feel that the trailer for Ant-Man gives a lot of intrigue that will excite many potential audience members. However, I do get the feeling that this superhero could be a little silly and childish. I do hope the best for this film as I have witnessed what Marvel can do but I just worry that this could be a flop that they could do without. I am looking forward to watching this film..I hope Marvel have pulled it out of the bag once again!

The Movie comes out July 17th 2015.

What's your opinion on Ant-Man? Will you be watching it? Do you think the trailer is effective? - Comment Below!

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  1. I'm already a huge, huge fan of Paul's work, but I think this movie is going to bring a lot more attention to him. Chris Pratt is a great example of a comedic actor taking on a role of a 'hero.' I think the hype surrounding Paul will be interesting to follow

    - KVL xo

    1. Thanks For Sharing Your Opinion! I completely agree that Paul could take a similar turn to Chris Pratt who did a fantastic job in Guardians of the Galaxy!

  2. Paul Rudd AND Selena Gomez have just been cast in a new movie!