Software Recommendation: Delicious Monster

3:00 PM

Delicious Monster provides a service called 'Delicious Library' - this lets you catalog any media you own. I bought the software during the weekend (£16/$25) and have begun to add all of my DVD collection. The image above is a screenshot of what the software looks like. I have currently added over 250 movies and still have quite a few to add. The site says that you don't own enough items to reach the limit which suggests it must be quite high. If you don't feel like buying the software, you can get a demo version which lets you add no more than 25 items. The way to add a product is the best part. You download an app onto your phone, scan the barcode and it wirelessly appears in your collection - how great is that! The link above takes you to the page where you can buy/trial the software. 

The software also gives you recommendations based on the current items in your catalog. You are also given statistics on how much your collection is worth and who the most common actors/directors are.  As you can see, Selena Gomez, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum are all common in my collection. 

I would really recommend this software as it helps organise any large collections you have. You can also use it for CDs, Books, Games etc. It is worth the money! 

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to recommend this, I simply liked the software and thought some of my readers would too :)

I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was a little different!

See You Soon!

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