The Interview (2014)

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The Most Controversial Film to Come out of 2014

Directed by Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen [This is the End, Bad Neighbours] and stars James Franco (Spring Breakers) and Seth Rogen (Bad Neighbours), The Interview tells the controversial story of an interview host and his producer who land an interview with Kim Jong-un. They are then recruited by the CIA to turn their trip into an assassination mission. Has all this controversy clouded the quality of the film?

I really enjoyed this film. On a side note, I think it was great that the US didn't back down to any threats they received and released the film like any other - if you think about it, any film could be offensive to a group of people - it is just that in this case, the subject of the humiliation hasn't been covered up or disguised (he is still a living human being). So I'm thankful the US stood their ground as the UK were able to receive it in select cinemas this month.  I thought the plot was quite clever and original. I've never seen a film that is based around an interview shot, never mind one that mixes that element with the CIA. Rogen and Goldberg always seem to bring out something new with every film they make recently: This is the End (which I didn't like) was about the end of the world, Bad Neighbours (which I loved) was about a parents vs college students rivalry and this is something completely different again! I really also liked the fact that the ending of the film was hinted at towards the beginning of the film - it was quite ironic! The plot is also captivating as it keeps moving and really does have some shocking moments.

I feel like this is a good example of a comedy film. All the funny parts were not shown in the trailer - there were still many more that were not included. This meant that I was laughing the whole way which is quite unusual (even though it shouldn't be). This isn't like A Million Ways to Die in the West which loses its humour as the story develops, this film is consistent. My favourite 'joke' is the use of Katy Perry. It is a theme that is continued throughout the whole film and is quite funny once the film reaches its peak. All I'm going to say is that the way 'Firework' is used is something you'd never imagine it to be..EVER! I also liked how Kim Jong-un was presented in quite a humorous way and that he was the opposite to what the characters were thinking he would be like. However, the film does have some cliche and cheap moments: fingers being bitten off (OTT) and the overuse of sexual references (only because that is what sells comedy movies in the present day). 

There is also great chemistry between the two leads. Franco & Rogen may have been in films together before but they both do a great job at presenting themselves as whole new characters. Franco is generally funnier than Rogen but that may be down to his character and the lines he was given. I don't think this film would be as good if there were any other actors playing the roles. Randall Park took a big risk playing Kim Jong-un but I think he managed to make the man quite likeable at times. Lizzy Caplan and Diana Bang are also good (Even though they are the only female characters and never come into contact or say a word to each other). 

I believe that The Interview would have been a much bigger audience grabber without all the threats and controversy - it is a shame that the amount of money it could make was limited by such a scandal! The Interview has a solid plot, continuous humour and acting that shows chemistry. It was far better than This is the End but doesn't reach the heights of Bad Neighbours - 'ignite the light and let [this film] shine'


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The Interview
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