UK Box Office February 20-22: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Repeats, WEDDING RINGER & PROJECT ALMANAC open above $1 million

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Fifty Shades of Grey was still tied to the box office crown this weekend with over $7 million.   The Wedding Ringer also opened within the top 5 this weekend with around $1.5 million. 

The only other new entry within the top 10 was Project Almanac which opened in 6th place to $1.3 million. Other new releases, Cake and Blackhat failed to reach the top 10.

The top 10 made approximately $22.38 million this weekend. That is unsurprisingly down approximately 34% on last weekend which is actually better than expected (50%-70% was my prediction). This is almost the exact number to the same weekend frame last year: only down a mere 0.0018%.

Fifty Shades of Grey held on to the top spot this weekend making around $7.10 million. That is down 66% on last weekend - a very steep drop. Expect this to be the last week 50 Shades holds on to number 1. However, Fifty Shades is officially the highest grossing 18-rated film in the UK of all time - great news for the film industry! The film has now made over $39 million in just a week of release. This could go to $50-$60 million by the end of its run.

In second place was Oscar winning Disney animation Big Hero 6. The film took in $3.99 million this weekend which is up 40% on last weekend - this reasoning has to be due to the fact that it was hard term in the UK. Speaking of half term, Big Hero 6 also had some strong weekday numbers which means that it has now made over $24.99 million in the UK. $35 million now seems like a suitable goal - this should be reachable thanks to incredible holds and the Oscar win. 

Shaun the Sheep movie took 3rd place this weekend. The film took in $3.75 million which is up over 39% on last weekend (half term is the reasoning for this also). Shaun has now taken in just under $16 million in the UK and $20-25 million seems like a suitable settling point. 

Kingsman: The Secret Service held on to 4th place this weekend. The film took in $1.88 million which is down 24% on last weekend - another great hold. This was probably the pick for teen movie goers this half term and it has now made over $20.6 million in the UK. As you can see, Kingsman has slipped behind Big Hero 6 now which isn't surprising considering half term is for younger audiences which is the viewer aim of Big Hero 6. Kingsman is still on track to close with around $30 million. 

The highest debut this weekend came from The Wedding Ringer which opened at number 5. The comedy took in $1.53 million this weekend - that is quite disappointing considering the type of film it is and the amount of marketing the film had. The Wedding Ringer has poor reviews and should close with around $5-7 million.

Another debut this weekend came from Project Almanac which came in 6th. The film made $1.34 million which is very good considering there was basically no marketing for it. This would have also appealed to teen film goers this half term. Almanac will probably fall off fast and should reach $4-6 million.

7th place goes to Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots this weekend. The collection of episodes (its not a film) took in $779K this weekend. That is down around 26% on last weekend which is also a strong hold! Peppa has taken in around $3.1 million at the UK box office so far and could reach $5 million. 

Awards favourite, The Theory of Everything claimed 8th place this weekend. The film made $688K which is down around 14% on last weekend. This strong hold is due to great reviews, BAFTA wins and Oscar nominations (just announced that Redmayne won best Actor). Everything has now earned over $30.7 million in the UK and could reach around $33 million by the end of its run. 

Jupiter Ascending descended to 9th place this weekend. The film took in $674.5K this weekend which is down 47% on last weekend. This is one of the steepest drops of the top 10. Jupiter has now took in over $6 million in the UK and should close with around $7-8 million. Jupiter Ascending has now made over $114 million worldwide and will make its massive $176 million budget back once it opens in China and Japan. 

Rounding out the top 10 is American Sniper. The film took in around $641K this weekend which is down around 35% on last weekend. Sniper has now took in over $20.1 million in the UK and although this is probably its last weekend in the top 10, it should close just below $25 million. 

Look out for THE BOY NEXT DOOR next weekend!
Other releases include FOCUS and IT FOLLOWS. 

DVD Sales - Games of Thrones: Season 4 tops the chart. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opens in second but is technically the number 1 film release. Toy Story That Time Forgot and The Book of Life also opened inside the top 5. 

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