UK Box Office February 6-8: BIG HERO 6 Repeats, SHAUN & JUPITER OPEN WELL

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Big Hero 6 held on to first place this weekend making $3.87 million. New entries into the top 5, Shaun the Sheep Movie and Jupiter Ascending both opened with over $2 million.

The other debuts in the top 10 this week were Selma ($1.21 million) and The Interview finally opened to the UK market to $433K. 

The top 10 made approximately $17.55 million this weekend. That is down around 17% on last weekend. This is also down 9.7% on the same weekend frame from last weekend. This is great considering last weekend was up so high (42%). 

Big Hero 6 held on to the top spot this weekend. The film has now made over $11 million in the UK and may have a shot at reaching $30 million with half term fast approaching (School holidays). This film could perform similarly to 2014's 'The LEGO Movie' which opened at a similar time period. That film went on to earn over $56 million in the UK alone - however, it is unlikely that Big Hero 6 will reach these heights as LEGO has both higher opening and second weekends than this Disney flick. Big Hero 6 dropped 40.2% this week and definitely won't be number 1 next week thanks to the complete opposite type of film: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.

Surprisingly, Kingsman: The Secret Service also held on to second place. It was another close battle between this and Big Hero 6, the former taking in $3.34 million this weekend. That is down 47.8% this week. The film has now made over $12.5 million in the UK, this should hold well and could surpass $25-30 million. 

The highest debut of the week came from 'Shaun the Sheep Movie' which opened to $3.19 million. This is similar to 2012's stop-motion animated feature: The Pirates in an adventure with scientists which went on to earn over $25 million in the UK. However, Shaun has a much more limited appeal, I would expect this to close with $15-20 million. 

Jupiter Ascending also opened quite well. The film made over $2.06 million from its opening weekend which is quite good considering the disappointing US start and the generally negative reviews. This number is quite similar to 2014's Divergent which went on to earn over $11 million. I think Jupiter will close with around $7-9 million. 

American Sniper dropped 37.5% this weekend and made $1.50 million. The film has now started to have a decline in the amount of cinemas it is being shown in. The film has so far made over $16 million and will definitely pass $20 million before the end of its run (especially with the Oscars fast approaching!).

Opening at number 6 is Selma. The film opened to $1.21 million which is very good for the type of film it is. The film also has a best picture nomination which could lead to it passing $5 million in the UK. 

Down just 38.7% this weekend is The Theory of Everything. The film look it around $955K this weekend and lost 76 cinemas. The film has now made over $27 million in the UK and could reach $30 million. The film recently picked up lots of BAFTAs which could mean that this upcoming weekend could be good for the film. 

At number 8, Into The Woods fell a steep 55%. The film look in $498K and has made over $13.5 million in the UK. The film has a chance of reaching $15 million with half term and the Oscars approaching. 

Taken 3 had the steepest drop in the top 10 as it fell 59.2%. The film made $493K. This is also much steeper than Taken 2's 5th week drop (31.8%). The film has now made over $26.5 million and reaching $30 million could be a stretch. 

Rounding out the top 10 is the controversial 'The Interview'. The film opened to just over 280 cinemas which is quite low for a debut. The film also had no UK promotion except for a Facebook page. The film has also been available 'on demand' online for a very long time now which makes this $433K debut not very surprising. The whole scandal that occurred around this film will have also put people off seeing it. The Interview may reach $1 million - who knows?

Source Used: Box Office Mojo

Look out for FIFTY SHADES OF GREY next weekend (its going to be huge!)

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