Big Hero 6 (2014)

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Disney Animation + Marvel Story = GENIUS

Directed by Don Hall (The Princess and the Frog) and Chris Williams (Bolt), Big Hero 6 is Disney's 54th Animated classic. The story is based on a Marvel comic and features the voices of Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time), Scott Adsit (St. Vincent) and Maya Rudolph (Grown Ups). The film shows the special bond that develops between larger-than-life inflatable robot, Baymax,  and child genius, Hiro who team up with a group of friends to form 'Big Hero 6'. Can Marvel (with Disney) surprise us again by making an unknown superhero comic into something amazing?

I was excited for this film but slightly annoyed that I had to wait an extra 2 months for it to come out in the UK. BUT it was definitely worth the wait! I absolutely loved this film. It had similarities to 'How To Train Your Dragon' - the chemistry between  a young boy and a creature..but Big Hero 6 gets it completely right - it is almost flawless. The story was really fast paced - I couldn't believe that I had watched almost 2 hours of a film, it felt around 70 minutes. The story was also very emotional and kept the emotional theme consistent throughout the picture - which is unusual for a Disney film which usually just gloss over sad moments and move on. Big Hero 6 is funny, emotional and exciting. There wasn't a moment that I got bored which really proves how captivating the film is. Disney and Marvel have done a great job transforming a comic into a film that is entertaining for audiences of all ages. The reveal of the mystery villain was very Scooby-Doo like but was very surprising but fit into the plot well. 

The next segment is going to be dedicated to the most important factor of this films success - BAYMAX. Baymax may just be one of the most loveable characters out of any family film that I have ever watched. He is caring, humorous, energetic and a really good superhero. Baymax is like the younger audiences Iron Man. When in the cinema watching this film, I was next to 2 20-30 year old women...they were crying with laughter at Baymax - he is fantastic! I was laughing out loud at some moments - this film is funnier than a lot of 2014s comedies. Without spoiling it, there was an element towards the end of the film that was a little confusing and sugarcoated which needed a little bit more explaining. However, Baymax could end up getting his own film like the minions are later this year - he is that entertaining. Overall character development is also done fantastically. 

The song 'Immortals' by Fall Out Boy was also the soundtrack to a really vital scene in the film. I think it worked really well with the story and didn't just seem like a way for FOB to promote their music. 

As this was an animated film, I can't really judge the acting but all of the voiceovers were done really well and you could feel the emotion from the characters. Credit has to go to Scott Adsit who voiced Baymax really well - he is this films version of Vin Diesel when he played Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy).

The animation is fantastic (its Disney, what do you expect). Big Hero 6 had a lot to live up to following the craze of 2013s 'Frozen' but I think it did a fantastic job and fits in really well with all the other animated Disney classics. Big Hero 6 is a really different Disney film - it isn't a musical, it doesn't have many magical factors but it still has a really nice meaning about friendship and family (Frozen looked as sister love, this one is more about 'bromance') which is really powerful. Disney films are generally really positive and are great for children to look up to. 

So to answer the question in the introduction, Big Hero 6 is truly amazing. It is exciting, emotional, fast-paced, hilarious and thrilling. The plot is original and the film proves that Disney and Marvel is a super team. Even though there is a little confusion towards the end, this definitely would have made my best of 2014 list if I had seen it last year. Big Hero 6 is a 'sick'* animated feature film. 

*Those who have seen the film will understand how this is a suitable phrase


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  1. I loved this film! It's so amazing and so cute, upsetting at first but thats what makes it real!
    Was so surprised by this but it was amazing.

    Meme xx

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  2. A cute, entertaining tale of a hapless robot who must mend the broken heart of a young boy whose life takes a depressing turn.