It Follows (2015)

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Weird Metaphor for STDs?

Directed by David Robert Mitchell (The Myth of the American Sleepover) and stars Maika Monroe (The Guest) & Keir Gilchrist (United States of Tara), It Follows tells the story of a 19 year old girl who starts suffering from weird visions after a sexual encounter. It Follows has been categorised as one of the best horror films of recent it really anything special?

Special is definitely the word. It Follows has to be the weirdest but also creepiest film that I have watched for a very very long time. The trailers did a good job at building intrigue and anticipation but that kind of made it disappointing and laughable to find out the 'scary thing' is an STD ghost thing. At first, I did laugh at every time one of these weird people came on the screen more than I felt scared. However, in recent posts, I have been going on about originality lacking in the film industry - this is certainly original! I feel like I need someone to explain this movie to me properly and I may appreciate it a little more - all I got from it is that it may be a metaphor for an STD - it is easily passed on and it is hard to get rid of - it also haunts you whilst you have it. The ending was very random and disappointing but also quite realistic - there is no supernatural element to 'defeat' - you just have to move on with your life and understand that it is always going to be there - that's what Koalas must do right?

I also had an issue with the score in this movie (which many people loved) - I found that the electronic music didn't really fit in well with a 'horror' movie - it didn't help to create any mood, tension or atmosphere in my opinion. It also became quite repetitive and irritating as the film went on. 

This film is not terrifying - it is creepy but you will easily fall asleep the night you watch it - don't be scared by all of these quotes calling it 'chilling' etc - it is not. I had really high hopes that this was going to be a really unique and clever horror film - I can tell that it really tried to be, unfortunately it didn't work out. There were a couple of jump scares that made the audience scream - that is the only time they screamed. Maybe jump scares are the only true way to scare audiences in modern times?

Maika Monroe is absolutely fantastic in this movie. She holds the story really well and doesn't have a dull moment. She is very believable and I am confident she is going to continue to grow as an actress - I liked her in The Guest, I loved her in this. The supporting cast are also great - it is refreshing to see a group of young actors in a 'horror' film who can actually act. 

Finally, I really enjoyed the end sequence where Monroe's character is in the swimming pool and all of her friends are trying to help her 'defeat' the weird ghost things. I thought this was done really well as it was from the POV of her friends so you couldn't actually see the creature - I feel that the film would have been a lot more effective if it was done this way. This scene was the only true moment I was on the edge of my seat wanting Jay (Monroe) to survive and get out of the pool!

It Follows starts on an intriguing high but deteriorates up until the final scene. The few scares are laughable and I didn't really feel much psychological horror about it either. The score was annoying but the acting was brilliant - especially Monroe. Whether I'd class this as a horror film -  I don't know but I will certainly remember it for being one of the weirdest things I've watched - maybe it does linger?


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