UK Box Office February 13-15: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Whips PEPPA PIG

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Fifty Shades of Grey debuted at the top spot this weekend making a massive $20.9 million. Meanwhile, Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots opened to just under $1.1 million. 

No other films opened within the top 10. 

The top 10 made approximately $34.07 million - this is the biggest weekend of the year so far! That is up a whopping 94% on last weekend. That is also up 15.3% on the same weekend frame last year. These big increases are definitely due to one record breaking release. 

Fifty Shades of Grey broke records in the UK this weekend - the film had the biggest opening for a 18-rated film in the UK of all time! Despite awful reviews and controversial word of mouth, 50 Shades managed to take in a humongous $20.92 million (that is more than last weekends top 10 combined). The film also did remarkably well across the globe - opening to over $250 million. Fifty Shades is all the 9th biggest opening in the UK of all time. This is also a great number for a film that is only offered to people aged 18 and up. With no major competition next weekend, Fifty Shades should hold and could reach $40-50 million by the end of its run. 

Big Hero 6 slipped just 26.6% this weekend and took in $2.84 million and opened in 2nd place. The film has now made over $15.2 million in the UK and has a very good chance at closing with over $30 million. From this past week, it should have strong numbers thanks to it being half term and one of the only major animated releases. Its only competition comes from Shaun the Sheep Movie. 

Shaun the Sheep movie was not far behind in 3rd place- taking in $2.68 million. That is just a small drop of 16% on last weekend. Both this and Big Hero 6 have held very well which suggests that despite a lot of adults visiting the cinema, children are enjoying films too. The film has now made over $6.7 million in the UK. $15 million should be a realistic closing point for this film - it doesn't have the mainstream appeal like a Disney movie. 

Kingsman: The Secret Service made $2.48 million, dropping just 25.7%. So far, despite the a huge release, the top 4 seem to be holding surprisingly well. The film has now made just under $16.8 million - this is larger than Big Hero 6 which has took first place over this film for the past 2 weeks - this suggests that the week numbers for this film are quite strong. The film is likely to reach $30-40 million. 

In 5th place, Jupiter Ascending took in $1.28 million, dropping just 37.9%. This is the worst hold so far but still quite strong. The film has now made over $4.3 million in the Uk and is on track to reach over $7 million. Jupiter has now earned over $96 million worldwide and is on track to make back its budget by the end of April. 

The only other new entry this week came from Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots. The film took in $1.06 million which is quite surprising considering this films very limited appeal. The Golden Boots may reach $3 million thanks to it being half term but I have heard many people call this a rip-off as you have to pay full price for what you could watch for free on television (a series of episodes). 

In 7th place, American Sniper made around $990K. This is down 34% on last weekend but it has now made over $18.8 million in the UK. The film will definitely close with above $20 million and pay reach $25 million if it gets a lot of awards at the Oscars this upcoming weekend. 

The Theory of Everything slipped to number 8 this weekend. The film took in around $806K over the weekend. This is down just 15.6% on last weekend which isn't surprising thanks to a lot of BAFTA wins (including best picture). The film has now made over $29.2 million in the UK and will pass $30 million by the end of its run. $32 million may be likely if it wins well at the Oscars. 

In 9th place, Selma took in $662K, dropping 45.3%. This is the steepest drop within the top 10 so far which is quite surprising considering the type of movie it is (an award favourite). Selma has now made over $2.7 million in the UK and should pass $3 million by next weekend. 

Rounding out the top 10 is Paddington which is actually back in the top 10 this week. Last weekend the film took in $377K and this weekend, the film made $322K. That is down just 14.6% this weekend - another strong hold. Paddington has now made over $55.7 million in the UK and is now the 4th biggest film in Britain of 2014 (passing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). The film may reach $56-58 million. 

Look Out for THE WEDDING RINGER next weekend!

DVD Sales - DRACULA UNTOLD opened to number 1, whilst THE MAZE RUNNER finished in second. THE BEST OF ME surprises in 5th place. 

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