UK Box Office January 30 - February 1: BIG HERO 6, KINGSMAN DO SOLID BUSINESS

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Big Hero 6 took first place this weekend by Kingsman: The Secret Service wasn't far behind. Big Hero 6 made $6.47 million this weekend whilst Kingsman: The Secret Service made $6.39 million. 

The only other debut this weekend was Inherent Vice which debuted at #9 with $547K. 

The top 10 made approximately $21.21 million this weekend which is up 31.5% on last weekend. This is the second best weekend of the year so far (from week 2 2015). This is also up a massive 42% on the same weekend last year. 

Big Hero 6 took the box office crown with $6.47 million - that is about a $1 million below 'Wreck-it Ralph' and 'Frozen'. Big Hero 6 could end up making over $30 million with February half term coming up - this may be the pick for family audiences. Disney films also usually hold well and on top of that, Big Hero 6 has landed critical acclaim and award nominations so expect this to do well in the coming weeks!

Not far behind at #2 is Kingsman: The Secret Service which took in $6.39 million - this is fantastic for a British film which really shows that British audiences back films that have come from their origins. The film also has strong reviews and audience feedback so should hold well. The film could make just under $30 million (realistically $20-25 million). 

Dropping just 37.2% is American Sniper which fell to third place this week. The film took in $2.39 million this weekend. This is another great hold. Sniper has made over $14 million in the UK and will definitely close north of $20 million - especially as it is award season. 

The Theory of Everything dropped 34.7% this week and made $1.56 million. Everything is more proof that British people truly do back British films - with award season under way, this just stick around for quite a while longer. The film has made over $25 million so far and should close with around $30 million. 

Dropping a very steep 55.5%, Taken 3 falls to fifth place. The film made $1.21 million this weekend which is very similar to what Taken 2 made on its 4th week. The film has made just under $25 million and should close with around $27-30 million. 

Into the Woods also had a slightly steeper drop this week, falling 45.2% to 6th place. The film made $1.11 million this weekend and has made $12.6 million total. Woods should reach $15 million by the end of its run. 

Paddington slipped 40.6% this weekend to number 7. The film made $667K and has made over $53.5 million in the UK alone. Paddington has a chance at reaching $55 million. 

Ex Machina had the steepest drop within the top 10, falling a whopping 62.3% and making $618K- it looks like critical acclaim couldn't save this film financially. The film has made over $3 million in the UK but probably will not reach $4 million. 

Inherent Vice debuted at number 9 this week - with very little promotion, this is a great debut. The film took in $547K and has great reviews. However, I believe this will fall off very quickly due to people not being very aware of it - $1 million is the highest it can go. 

Closing the top 10 this week is Birdman. The film also had a steep drop, falling 57.6%. Birman made $241K over the weekend and has made over $7.6 million in the UK. $8 million is probably the highest that it will go. 

Source Used: Box Office Mojo

Look out for JUPITER ASCENDING next weekend!

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