Get Hard (2015)

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Sometimes You Need a Hand to Get Hard

Get Hard is the directorial feature length debut from Etan Cohen. The film stars Will Ferrell (The Campaign, Anchorman) and Kevin Hart (The Wedding Ringer, Ride Along). 'When millionaire James King is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars'. With 2 leading males that are known for being funny, surely this is a guaranteed good comedy movie?

Wrong. Get Hard is the worst film of 2015 so far. There are too many issues with it. The most major issue is that it is extremely offensive - it is racist, homophobic and sexist. The former being theme for the majority of its jokes - yes, I like it when a films jokes aren't always sex-orientated but then you get a movie like Get Hard that has jokes that are intolerable and rude. I'm not going to reuse any of the phrases that are said in the film but please be aware that people need to stop going to see this film as if it becomes a huge success, the director and writers will think that this is a formula that works which will lead to more and more of these pieces of trash being produced. The homophobic and sexist jokes may only be a minor part of the film but they are still there and they shouldn't be, considering how much the World's culture has improved in recent years. 

The next issue I had with this film is the actual plot. It has quite a good concept that actually should work on paper. However, you can tell this is a directorial debut as it is executed horribly. The film leaves so many loose ends and just moves on - yes, you could call it fast paced or you could just see it as Cohen got told he had a deadline to meet so just rushed the whole film and what did he end up with? awful film. The film also made the whole plot seem stupid - it actually started off ok but just deteriorated as it went on. For a comedy, this has very few laughs.

The cast are another issue - yes, Ferrell and Hart are usually tolerable and you would think they would be a 'comedy dream team' - however, their talent is not used due to terrible script writing that makes them say such awful things which discards any humour that is intended. Ferrell and Hart's performances aren't awful, unfortunately the same can't be said for the cast around them. Alison Brie and Craig Nelson are horrendous in this movie - its like they don't want to be there. 

For all the bad in this movie, there are a few silver linings (literally like 2 or 3). This may seem silly but I really liked the music choices for the film - the commercial songs that they used seemed to fit each moment very well and made me enjoy slightly more moments that would have been intolerable otherwise. Also, I did laugh a few times - only the amount that can be counted on one hand though. My favourite moment was when Darnell's wife (Edwina Dickerson) reacts to her husband (Hart) calling her his b*tch - however, I do think this was in the trailer so you don't even need to pay to see this part - its on Youtube!

Get Hard is an extremely offensive film - its not just like one group is targeted either, there are many races and types of people that will be offended by this movie. Hart and Ferrell have the potential to be very likeable and good but they aren't put to use due to terrible screenwriting. The music choices are suitable and the concept is good but the film isn't executed very well which is due to Cohen's poor direction. If you are at a movie theatre and you have the choice to 'Get Hard' or Go Home...GO HOME - do not waste your money on this piece of garbage. This film needs a few more hands to Get Hard. 


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