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Worlds Collide

Directed by Tim Johnson (Over the Hedge, Antz) and featuring the voices of Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), Rihanna (Battleship) and Jennifer Lopez (The Boy Next Door), Home is dreamwork's animations potential saviour. 'Oh, an alien on the run from his own people, lands on Earth and makes friends with the adventurous Tip, who is on a quest of her own'. Home is a box office success but will it be a film of a good quality?

Home is very suitable for the audience it is aimed at - families. However, I think the majority of it is aimed at younger children rather than parents or older children. The story was actually quite hard to follow at times and was a little jumbled up - for example, you thought Oh keyed in Antartica into the GPS as that it was you saw but they ended up in Paris? (For people who have seen Home - this is the second time he tries to key it in the GPS). I really did love and appreciate the final act of this film - it really tugged at my heartstrings and was really nice. However, the rest of the film felt very childish and unoriginal. There were also many plot holes within the film which led to things not really going as smoothly for critical viewers - however, children would probably follow the story seamlessly. 

I actually wasn't that impressed by the animation for this film - I've seen a lot better. However, it was very colourful and bright which was very pleasing to the eye. Home did feel like it belonged on a Children's TV channel, NOT on a cinema screen. Even though I didn't like How to Train Your Dragon 2, the animation for that film was far superior and I can't believe the same animators are behind this too. 

However, Home was quite funny. I laughed throughout - even if the jokes were quite immature. There wasn't really any jokes that were aimed at adults that some animated films like to do which suggests that adults should maybe stay at Home and send their younger children with older siblings (if available). 

Also, this could easily be Rihanna's movie - she is the voice of the main character and her music plays at least 4/5 times throughout the film. However, I must say that I wasn't that impressed with Rihanna's work in this and felt someone younger would have been a better fit for the role. The same can't be said for Jim Parsons who was brilliant as Oh. He made the character very likeable and funny - he helped create quite a unique character. Jennifer Lopez had a small role in the film but was still quite good when her voice was used. 

There's many places like Home - this unoriginal animation will please younger viewers but may not satisfy anyone older. The animation is very colourful but generally ok - not terrible but not excellent and the story is very jumbled. Jim Parsons creates a memorable character and the final act is very emotional. Home is a fun movie but I think I'll view another house. 


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  1. This is one movie I can't wait to see. Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez :)