The Monthly Rewind: April 2015

2:07 PM

My 3 Favourite Films of the Month
These are films I watched in April, they may not be April releases

Furious 7 - 'Furious 7 is an excellent film and sets standards very high for Fast 8. The cast are as likeable as ever and the stunts are bigger and better than ever before. The soundtrack is really fitting and the film digs into territories that the franchise hasn't ever visited before (Character development, emotional moments) thanks to Wan's new direction choices. Full of cheesy dialogue and over the top action, Furious 7 defines why the world likes this franchise so much - it is spectacular!'
Jurassic Park - 'Jurassic Park is officially one of my favourite movies of all time. Despite some dumb moves by its characters, the film has an excellent  but terrifying story with great action. The acting from all ages is generally good and the visual effects are spectacular for the 1990s. The music is iconic and Jurassic Park is definitely a Spielberg masterpiece.'
Avengers: Age of Ultron - 'Avengers: Age of Ultron makes up its flaws in the first act with a satisfying final 2 acts. The special effects are mostly great and the acting is brilliant. With a surprisingly effective villain and some new additions that are warmly welcomed, Avengers: Age of Ultron keeps the series moving. Rewatchable and darker, The Avengers are back with AVENGEance.
Honourable Mention: Sinister
Other Favourites:
Hot Pursuit - 'The trailer is one of the only ones for an upcoming 2015 comedy film to make me laugh - I have really high hopes! I also like the use of music in the trailer - Jessie J's 'Bang Bang' is edited in brilliantly! Witherspoon and Vergara are real life friends so their chemistry film in this film should be good and believable - I think they really had fun making this film and are proud of it. '
Honourable Mention: Jurassic World, Batman V Superman, Star Wars - The Force Awakens, Sinister 2, Tomorrowland
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Biggest Disappointment of the Month
Get Hard  - 'Get Hard is an extremely offensive film - its not just like one group is targeted either, there are many races and types of people that will be offended by this movie. Hart and Ferrell have the potential to be very likeable and good but they aren't put to use due to terrible screenwriting. The music choices are suitable and the concept is good but the film isn't executed very well which is due to Cohen's poor direction. If you are at a movie theatre and you have the choice to 'Get Hard' or Go Home...GO HOME - do not waste your money on this piece of garbage. This film needs a few more hands to Get Hard.' 
Dishonourable Mentions: Interstellar, Home
So they are the highlights on this blog from April. 
Thanks again for tuning into this blog this month! I am still really enjoying doing it so I hope to carry this on for a very long time! May is going to be an exciting month with the releases of PITCH PERFECT 2 and TOMORROWLAND!

See You Soon!

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